CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021

CSIR Chemical Science 2021 Exam – How To Reach Your Goal Of Qualifying The CSIR NET Exam

Chemistry is one of the most basic sciences necessary for the very survival of life on earth. As a graduate/student/postgraduate in chemistry or related subjects, your next goal would be to follow your passion and work line in the best possible. What would be more exciting than furthering your career in research? Some of you have also had the teaching bug bite you, making you find joy in sharing your knowledge with those who seek it. Research and lectureship in science are two careers that capture the very essence of the scientific world. Thus, it is no surprise that lakhs of students all over the country aim to be the best in them. How do you get to your goal of being the very best? There are several ways, and the most preferable and suitable route would be to clear the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021.

Qualifying for the CSIR NET exams provides you with the most incredible opportunities to research the country’s top labs. If you’re wondering how to be one of those achievers, we at Biotecnika have all you need for a seamless preparation.

Let us go through everything that you need to do to crack the CSIR NET exam 2021 for Chemical Science.

Have a purpose and set your goal accordingly

The first thing to do is to have a goal in the first place. Reflect on what you want from your life. As a chemistry student, you have an overwhelming number of options after graduation and postgraduation. You might want different things than your friends or family. It’s time for you to make your own decision and not just go along. You need to choose what’s best for you and rise above any mediocrity. Envision where you want to be. Remember that a CSIR NET qualification would not only help you get into research and lectureship, it could also be an asset to a career in the chemical industry. And who wouldn’t want to experience life at a top-class university with a fellowship to take care of your every need? If you need any more proof of the expansion of opportunities for a CSIR NET qualifier, look no further. There are job notifications posted every day on the Rasayanika website. Just look at a few, and you’ll realize that life takes a much better turn after you fulfill your goal.

Once you decide to give the CSIR Chemical Science exam 2021, set a time-defined goal. The exam takes place twice every year – in June and December. You need a minimum of 6 months to prepare. So get ready for a rigorous but fruitful period of your life.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Go through the syllabus

The next thing to take care of is to know what you should study for the exam. The CSIR NET exam 2021 aims to screen the country’s most talented individuals in the science community expected to have a wide range of knowledge. Therefore, the syllabus prescribed for an aspirant is vast. Go through it carefully and thoroughly by listing down each unit. It would also prove beneficial to make a comparative list of all the topics according to their difficulty level.

Given below are the important topics from each unit:

Sl. No. Unit Important topics
1 Organic Chemistry Intermediate & Reaction Mechanism
Pericyclic / Photochemistry
2 Inorganic Chemistry Organometallic Compounds
Main Group Elements
Transition Metals & Coordination Compounds
3 Physical Chemistry Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry
Chemical Kinetics
Molecular Spectroscopy
Quantum Chemistry


Understand everything about the exam pattern, weightage, etc.

While studying for a competitive exam, it’s of prime importance that you understand details about it. The computer-based exam consists of 3 sections:

  • Part A – General Aptitude
  • Part B – Questions based on fundamental chemistry concepts
  • Part C – Questions of higher difficulty level, mostly application-based
Section Total questions Questions to be attempted Marks per right answer Negative marking Duration
Part A 20 15 2 0.5 3 hours
Part B 40 35 2 0.5
Part C 60 25 4 1
Total 120 75 200


Every topic in the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam has a certain weightage of marks that it usually carries, deciphered by analyzing previous years’ question papers. Another detail to be checked is whether or not you are eligible for the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Formulate a study plan

After gaining an understanding of the exam, it is time to plan out your preparation. Although spontaneity is exciting and often preferred, it is best to be disciplined and stick to a well-formulated plan while preparing for a competitive exam as important as the CSIR NET. The exam is not one that you can take lightly. Therefore, meticulous and logical planning would be of great use. Decide if you would prefer self-studying or taking the help of coaching (offline/online). Decide at least 6 months in advance because I guarantee you that’s the minimum amount of time you need if you’re just starting. If you’ve attempted the exam once and failed to qualify, it’s probably time to modify your plan. Understand what works for you. If you’ve lost touch of core concepts, start slow and build up the pace as time goes.

Get CSIR NET coaching at Rasayanika

Rasayanika provides online coaching for the CSIR NET exam 2021, where concepts are taught in detail by expert teachers who aim to smoothly and successfully get you through the exam. Biotecnika and Rasayanika have a success rate of 90% when it comes to CSIR NET coaching. Our prime objective is to help students everywhere realize their dream. As coaches for more than 14 years, Biotecnika and Rasayanika have enabled more than 10,000 students to qualify for the CSIR NET exam. Your teachers and mentors would be Ph.D. and post-doc teachers who are themselves CSIR qualified.

Registrations Open For CSIR NET Chemical Science Coaching

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Read from authentic study material

Studying from the best available study material is crucial to a fruitful preparation. You must know that CSIR preparation requires you to understand concepts in depth. The syllabus is enormous, and all of it may not be covered adequately by random books available online and offline. Therefore, get feedback for the study material you decide to read from and make sure it helps you thoroughly without missing out on crucial topics. Ensure that the study material is proper, precise, and competitive enough to help you sail through your preparation.

Check out the CSIR NET Chemical Science study material provided by Rasayanika.

Rasayanika’s study material comprises a set of 9 books for the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021 that explain all important and unimportant chapters meticulously, along with questions and test series after every topic.

If studying from textbooks is what comforts you, here is a list of reference books you can refer to during your preparation:

  • Organic Chemistry – Clayden, Greeves, Warren, and Wothers
  • Inorganic Chemistry – Shriver & Atkins
  • Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee
  • Physical Chemistry – Thomas Engel & Philip Reid
  • Surface Chemistry – A Goel
  • Electrochemistry – Philip H. Rieger
  • Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis – Richard Mishel
  • Molecular Spectroscopy – Colin N. Banwell
  • Quantum Chemistry – R.K.Prasad

Understand from the basics

This exam isn’t one that you can memorize facts for. It isn’t your usual college exam that you can wing with mediocre preparation. It needs a logical and thorough understanding of concepts, and the way to achieve that is by starting from the very basics. Fundamental chemistry that you learn in your 11th and 12th (or equivalent) level is vital for comprehending the more complex topics. Your understanding of the fundamental concepts will greatly help you answer Part C questions in the exam, which are application-based. Having a strong foundation in your subject will also give you an extraordinary edge in your interview later.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Use online study tools

We are long past the times when books and classrooms were the students’ only sources of learning. There is a whole hoard of technology to help you study for the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021 now. This includes ebooks, videos, slides, animations, flowcharts, e-flashcards, online tests, etc.

Check out the CSIR NET Chemical Science e-Learner 2021. 

It contains 1000+PPTs, animations, flowcharts, soft copies of study material, CHEMNET test series, ebook library, and 24×7 doubt solving facility.

Rasayanika also provides CSIR NET Video Lecture DVDs to help you learn using spectacular visual aids.

Rasayanika also offers a video backup of all the lectures and helps you study on-the-go wherever you are, whatever time it is.

Prepare your own notes

Although plenty of study material for the Chemical Science exam is available online and offline, there’s nothing better than reading from your own notes. Sure it requires the effort to go through every detail about a topic and compile it, but it’s all worth the trouble. Your notes are bound to be unique, catering to every mental need you have in understanding the topics. Manually writing down all the important points and studying from them helps you recall effortlessly and saves time during revision. By using all the preparation tools at your disposal, you will be able to ace the Chemical Science exam.

Meanwhile, CSIR NET Video PenDrive is another tool that helps you give your all in a convenient and stressless manner with multimedia learning.

Follow what’s best for you and believe in yourself

No matter how many tips, strategies, and tools you are advised to use during our preparation, after a while, you start to realize the way you roll. Observe the results of every aspect of your preparation and go with what suits you the best.

All the while, do not lose your optimism and motivation. Keep yourself energized and happy by pursuing your hobbies from time to time. Do not lose perspective of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remember how you love the subject with fun quizzes and experiments that keep you anchored to your purpose of cracking the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021, and beyond.

Most of all, believe in yourself. As Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frighten us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Get your doubts cleared by the expert faculty at Rasayanika

No matter what route you take during your preparation, you may come across several doubts about the subject and the CSIR Chemical Science exam. Well, why fear when Rasayanika is here! With the online coaching, e-learner, and various other tools offered by us, you need to look n further than the Rasayanika website for expert faculty at all times. Yes, it’s as simple as that. We offer a 24×7 doubt clearance facility via email or chat, or phone to clear even your trivial doubts. You absolutely do not have to worry about being judged or getting wrong answers because it the best of teachers that we have onboard to fulfill your every need.

Manage your time

Since the exam is conducted at specific times of the year, you have a limited amount of time that you can countdown to. Therefore, time management is of utmost importance. Go according to your schedule and follow your plan diligently as far as possible. Although there could be unavoidable circumstances that mess up your stud plans, find ways to compensate for lost time. Since much of the studying for the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021 would be done online, it is a genuine possibility that you might be distracted by a video recommendation or a social media app lurking right on your screen. While a break is necessary once in a while, do not overdo it by losing yourselves in the distractions. Limit your social media usage, for God knows how it wastes productive time. Be honest with yourself and prepare seriously, for working hard now ensures all the enjoyment you can get later.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Study with your peers

Excessive self-study often leads to isolation and boredom. It is always good to interact with intellectually like-minded people who aim for the same things you do. You can invite our friends or peers over for a combined study session. Some of your friends might need you to teach them a few concepts. This action gives you the motivation to thoroughly understand the concept for the CSIR NET Chemical Science paper before you can teach it to someone else. Also, your friends might better than you at a few topics. Here, you can avail their help and benefit symbiotically.

Revise and re-revise

Preparation not only consists of studying but also remembering the topics and recalling them whenever necessary. This can only be achieved by revision. Now revision of all the topics isn’t a possibility during your last few weeks remaining for CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021. Rasayanika comes to your rescue with the coolest and most effective memory aids in the CSIR NET Chemical Science preparation tools. Concise flowcharts and short notes help you revise easily, so much that you could even find time to re-revise and be completely confident about your preparation.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Prepare for the general aptitude section

While chemistry concepts are the main focus of your preparation, do not forget that the exam also contains a general aptitude section. This basically requires logical reasoning skills and elementary knowledge in mathematics and English. You just need to brush up on a few formulae and train your mind to think and practice with a few questions practically. All this and more are provided with Rasayanika CSIR NET preparation tools.

Solve previous years’ question papers

This point cannot be stressed enough. Occasionally solving the Chemical Science question papers will give you an idea of the type of questions asked and the approach taken while asking those questions and offering multiple choices for you to choose from. Solving previous years’ question papers gives you a definite understanding of what you’re facing. Simultaneously, mock tests show you what you’re up against/ You might be giving the whole preparation your 100%. However, it still may not be enough because of the possibility of a high percentage of candidates being better than you.

With Rasayanika’s CHEMNET test series, you can assess your preparation level and determine the topics you need to work on for the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021. Even if you find out a lot of faults in your mock test performance, worry not. Because the expert faculty at Rasayanika is here for you 24×7, ready to help you clear all your doubts and boost your confidence.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Improve on your preparation and performance

Just because you couldn’t answer a few questions or lost out on a few hours or days doesn’t mean you should lose your drive and give up on clearing the CSIR NET exam. As long as you have time to improve, don’t lose hope. The practice tests, previous years’ question papers, mock tests, and quizzes all exist for you to evaluate your own preparation level and improve wherever necessary. Try not to keep your preparation too monotonous or stagnant, but strive to move forward and fulfill your positive expectations constantly.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam 2021Stay calm and give your best

We know that preparing for a competitive exam can mean some pretty stressful times. Relax. Breathe. And smile. All your preparation and effort could face an abysmal end if you lose your nerves. The best way to keep calm would be to follow your plan and cover all aspects of a wholesome preparation. If that doesn’t happen, don’t worry. There are plenty of tools and online and offline resources to help you keep up and recover your preparation for the CSIR NET Chemical Science exam. Of course, it’s no cakewalk, but that doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to some kind of mental torture to get where you want. Give yourself enough time within your schedule to revitalize yourself. Take care of your mental and physical health. Catch a movie or your favorite TV show once in a while—hangout with your insane friends who keep your sanity intact. Be happy. And do not get too stressed out in the face of a hurdle. As Swami Vivekananda says, “In a day when you don’t come across any problems – you can be sure that you are traveling in the wrong path.”

So give your best to your preparation and your CSIR NET Chemical Science exam 2021, and you will achieve what you desire.

We wish you all the best in your preparation and assure you that we at Rasayanika are always here to help you fulfill your dreams.

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