NEET Revision Series Biotecnika – An Exclusive NEET Exam Prep Series

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Welcome to a brand new venture by our older sister Biotecnika! Biotecnika is a name synonymous with CSIR NET Life Sciences and GATE Examination Prep, Career Advice, Job Alerts and all opportunities related to the biotech and life sciences industry. However, after the immense success of Biotecnika with CSIR NET and GATE, we are here to share all of our wisdom and knowledge with you for NEET. Biotecnika NEET is an offshoot which will deal with all things exclusive to NEET.

To kick things off with Biotecnika NEET we have a FREE NEET Examination Revision Series that will be hosted on our YouTube channel. 15 days is all it takes for you to revise and be confident in your preparations. Our NEET Academic Team has been working tirelessly to make this revision series a success. 

We have the best of the best all set and ready, our very own NEET experts of Caroline, Pallavi, Riya and Satarupa ma’am are here to help you overcome NEET with the Nail The NEET Revision Series. We will be covering topics in Biology and Chemistry to get the ball rolling. NEET

UG Exam is scheduled to be held in mid-July, amidst a lot of uproar from the student community. 


Let’s not lose precious time and be as prepared as possible. Hence Biotecnika NEET is here with a comprehensive Nail The NEET Revision Series Series. The schedule for the same is given below. All the attendees will be getting some free downloads that will help solidify your preparation as well. 

Schedule for Nail The NEET Revision Series

Timing – 4 pm to 5 pm

Date Topic Faculty
10/06/2022 Human physiology – Blood and circulation Caroline Ma’am
13/06/2022 Thermodynamics Satarupa Ma’am
14/06/2022 Photosynthesis Part 1 Riya Ma’am
15/06/2022 Photosynthesis Part 2 Riya Ma’am
16/06/2022 Aldehyde, ketones, and carboxylic acids Pallavi Ma’am
17/06/2022 Body Fluids & Circulation II Caroline Ma’am
20/06/2022 Biological Nitrogen Fixation Riya Ma’am
21/06/2022 Hydrocarbons Pallavi Ma’am
22/06/2022 Respiration in plants Part 1 Caroline Ma’am
23/06/2022 Respiration in plants Part 2 Caroline Ma’am
24/06/2022 Principles of Inheritance and Variation Riya Ma’am
28/06/2022 P-block elements Pallavi Ma’am
29/06/2022 Phases of plant growth and plant growth regulators Riya Ma’am
30/06/2022 Chemical Bonding Pallavi Ma’am
01/07/2022 Molecular Basis of Inheritance Riya Ma’am


Biotecnika NEET is your new best friend and we aim to be your go-to for all things NEET. We hope to see you over at our YouTube channel and show us some love and also learn from our NEET team.

See you there!


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NEET Revision Series Biotecnika – An Exclusive NEET Exam Prep Series


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