Chemistry Job in DST-PURSE-funded Project @ BITS Pilani

Chemistry Job in DST-PURSE-funded Project @ BITS Pilani

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Applications are invited from Indian citizens for the post of Project Associates-I and II in a
DST-PURSE-funded project SR/PURSE-2020/20 at BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus.

Project Title: Development of Theranostic Agents for Photodynamic/
Photothermal Treatment of Oral/Lung Cancer and Related Diseases

Project details and Desirables: (i) Design of novel BODIPY, aza-BODIPY, porphyrin and
chlorin-based sensitizers for imaging and PDT (ii) Development of nanoparticles and surface functionalized systems for imaging and PTT Effective conjugation of these sensitizers and NPs with folic acid and antibodies for targeted PDT/PTT, (iii) Development of localized delivery approach using microneedles and NPs for the targeted PDT/PTT (iv) Demonstration of combination therapy employing PDT /PTT (v) Two-photon bioimaging using the developed sensitizers

No of posts: 1 (one)

Minimum qualifications:

M.Sc. in Chemistry (mainly synthetic Organic chemistry; however, M. Sc. in general
chemistry can also apply with a minimum of 60% marks. M. Pharm (Medicinal Chemistry,
~60% Marks) with expertise in organic synthesis and a basic understanding of spectroscopy would also be eligible.

Desired experience:

The candidates should be capable of synthesizing and characterizing new molecules.
The project deals in

an interfacial area between chemistry/optics and biology. Experienced
students with a reasonable understanding of the subjects would be preferred.

Age: max 27 years; Joining date: As soon as possible; Position: Project associates I and II

Salary: Maximum up to INR 35,000-40,000 (approx.; consolidated for GATE/NET
candidates; Non-GATE/NET candidate: as per rule)

Duration: ~ 3.0 years (Ph. D option is also open as per the institute norm)

How To Apply:

Candidates meeting the above-mentioned qualification and experience should send their CV
to [email protected] by 9 pm on 10th April, 2023 (Monday).

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Important Interview Questions & Answers for the above job

  1. What inspired you to apply for this position and how does your experience match the project requirements?

Answer: I am excited about the opportunity to work on a project that involves the development of theranostic agents for the treatment of cancer and related diseases. I have experience in synthesizing new molecules and characterizing them, which aligns with the project requirements.

2. What are the challenges that you foresee in developing targeted PDT/PTT and how do you plan to address them?

Answer: The challenges in developing targeted PDT/PTT include ensuring that the sensitizers and nanoparticles are effectively conjugated with folic acid and antibodies, and achieving optimal localization and delivery. I plan to address these challenges by leveraging my experience in organic synthesis and spectroscopy and by collaborating with other researchers on the project.

3. What techniques do you plan to use for the characterization of the synthesized molecules and nanoparticles?

Answer: I plan to use a variety of techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, UV-Vis spectroscopy, and fluorescence spectroscopy for the characterization of the synthesized molecules. For the nanoparticles, I plan to use techniques such as dynamic light scattering, transmission electron microscopy, and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.

4. What is your understanding of two-photon bioimaging and how do you plan to use it in the project?

Answer: Two-photon bioimaging is a technique that enables deep imaging of tissues and cells with high spatial resolution using a two-photon microscope. I plan to use the developed sensitizers to image cancer cells in vitro and in vivo using two-photon bioimaging.

5. What are your future career goals and how do you see this project contributing to them?

Answer: My future career goals involve pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry and conducting research in the field of drug discovery and development. This project will provide me with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the development of theranostic agents for cancer treatment and related diseases, which will contribute to my overall career development.

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