BSc Chemical Engineering Job @ Shell Technology - Apply Online

BSc Chemical Engineering Job @ Shell Technology – Apply Online

Shell Technology chemical engineering job opening 2022. BSc Chemical engineering job opening 2022. Process Data Engineer vacancy. Chemical engineering Refinery Scheduler job opening 2022, Shell technology job opening 2022. check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Process Data Engineer

Location: Chennai

Eligbility Criteria:

  • University Degree in Chemical Engineering / any other equivalent degree with 2-4 Years of experience.
  • Effective communication skill and stakeholder management is a necessary skill for the job.
  • Experience in content management using SharePoint / Document or equivalent tools is an added advantage.
  • Strong willingness to design, experiment and implement simpler and more effective workflow.
  • Strong communication & people skills.
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty or with limited data.
  • Strong in IRM capabilities.
  • Ability to produce visual reports/dashboards.
  • Good understanding of Data & Document classifications.
  • Good knowledge in managing the Website management
  • Keen learner and self-starter, ready to learn in shared learning environment and from on-the-job peer learning.

Other Skills, Competence and Behavior:

  • Developed engagement and communication skills.
  • Knowledge or higher-level awareness of the context of use of technical data and documentation within technical data processes, Ability to deal effectively with complexity and detail.
  • Ability to prioritize and ensure delivery of priorities for the area of responsibility.

Purpose of the Role:

Ensure smooth access to Shell standards for users servicing Shell projects and parties who license Shell standards. The purpose of the License Administrator role is to verify and ensure the following:

  • Oversight and management of the Shell DEPs Online system that provides web-based access to users of Shell standards. This services approximately 5,000 Shell users and 8,000 Joint Venture, Contractor, and other 3rd Party users.
  • Consistent Process applications across wide user groups/companies.
  • Confirm entitlement to DEP content.
  • Capture signed approvals and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Setup the access in the DEPS Online system and file records in the functional mailbox and SharePoint repositories.

Key Features:

  • The licensing process has a defined workflow but often requires judgement to assess the application for individual project or business challenges. The guiding principles are to protect Shell Intellectual Property while enabling efficient use of standards by Shell and 3rd Parties.
  • Access to content is controlled with Non-Disclosure Agreements that are signed and approved at appropriate levels.
  • Timely license extension through proactive reminders to Project leads to ensure no business interruption.
  • Licensing Administrator works with Licensing engineers and Shell Technical standards team to approve licensing decisions and troubleshoots/resolves any non-standard requests for access.
  • This role also involves in managing the Standards Mailbox to route and action the email requests on licensing to DEPs.
  • Implementing DocuSign or similar electronic signature process for agreements and to maintain process KPIs.
    Provide training to users within the company to manage the licensing process.

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