PI Industries Pharma & Chemistry Job - Research Scientist

PI Industries Pharma & Chemistry Job – Research Scientist

PI Industries hiring chemistry candidates. Candidates with 1 year of experience in organic chemistry may apply for the job vacancy. MSc organic chemistry job opening 2022. Chemistry job opening 2022. MSc Chemistry job opening 2022, M Pharma job opening 2022. Check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Research Scientist – KM – Formulation Combination (4309)

Education Qualification

  • MPharm (Pharmaceutics) / M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)/ PhD from a reputed University / Institute from India or abroad with excellent academic credentials
  • Knowledge of formulations
  • Knowledge of IPR, specifically patents

Work Experience

  • Post academic-industrial research experience of >2 years in life sciences (e.g. pharma and/or crop protection) is desirable/appreciated or
  • Post academic-industrial research experience of >2 years in IPR in similar field is desirable/appreciated
  • Experience in working in multi-centre, multi-national environment
    Successful track record
  • Experimental skills and expert knowledge concerning formulations, analysis and characterisation of related areas appreciated
  • Expert knowledge of IP tools and literature research, patent analysis and interpretation (FTO, infringement, claims, prior art and patentability) appreciated
  • Industry to be Hired from
  • Agro/ Pharmaceutical /Fine Chemical industries

Functional Competencies

  • Good understanding of IP
  • Good knowledge of KM concepts
  • Practical experience concerning patent analysis
  • Excellent knowledge of KM Tools

Position Purpose

  • Contribute to the formulation, combination, mixture, discovery and pre-development of innovative solutions in agro chemistry, namely new a.i.s for crop protection adding significant value to the business of PI
  • Member of a KM team (Master degree/PhD) to carry out literature/patent search, FTO analysis and other KM services in accordance with the project timelines and objectives
  • Plan and propose to Team Leader – KM all input and other requirements for approval and procurement to ensure efficient conduct of project activities
  • Ensure a high level of team performance through motivation and knowledge sharing
    Contribute to generating IP and ensuring protection of the sam

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Actively imbibing the values and philosophy of PI Industries Ltd.
  • Efficient contribution to the overall success of PI by driving innovation and supporting team performance according to objectives and targets being set by the Director and Head of Knowledge Management
  • Fulfilling requirements and achieving goals set by the Team Leader and Group Leader – KM
  • Contribute to generating and ensuring the security of intellectual property for PI (filing of patent applications, building and defending the PI patent portfolio, ensuring novelty and freedom-to-operate)
    Promoting knowledge sharing through the organization, strengthening links between KM and other teams
  • Continuously build knowledge on the area of agro-chemistry and KM specific expertise, through active learning, education, advanced trainings and seminars
  • Working as a team member contribute to the team objective with special focus on achieving and exceeding the set target, development of individual & team strengths, building of knowhow, feedback

Operational Responsibilities

  • Work within the team to achieve and exceed targets within the frame given by the Team Leader and Group Leader – KM
  • Support the Team Leader – KM in achieving overall team and department objectives
  • Keep self and team updated on the state of the art in IP management and KM specific tools
  • Continuous documentation and reporting of all research results obtained within the area of responsibility and the planned projects
  • Develop and foster positive relationships with team members and support group to maximize cooperation and consequent benefit to objective delivery

Financial Responsibilities

  • Contribute to budget proposals
  • Contributes to budgetary controls within the area of responsibility

People Responsibilities

  • Ensure smooth working by maintaining high level of morale and working ethics
  • Ensure team harmony through collaboration and active participation in all team discussion

Additional responsibilities:

  • Act as a committed ambassador of PI brand
  • Responsible for individual safety and housekeeping of the work area
  • Remain at the cutting edge of knowledge required for knowledge management in the area of crop protection, process research, formulations, combinations etc. through constant updating of personal knowledge and own skill-sets Maintain healthy working relationships with the related teams and departments in PI CreAgro

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