"Senior Officer - Quality Assurance at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals: Apply Now and Secure a Career!"

Senior Officer Quality Assurance at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Apply Online

Location: Aurangabad Plant, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Function: In Process Quality Assurance

Job posted on: Jan 04, 2024

Employee Type: Glenmark Employee

Experience range (Years): 1 year – 9 years

  1. To perform in process activities and give line clearance of Area, equipment before commencement of sampling/dispensing, manufacturing and packing operation including cleanliness verification as a part of line clearance for formulation Facility
  2. To receipt, storage, retrieval, periodic inspection and disposition of reserve sample. 3. Monitoring and recording the temperature and relative humidity of the Control sample room.
  3. Collection of samples at various process stages (viz. in-process, semi-finished samples, control samples, stability samples, finished goods samples, validation samples, cleaning samples and miscellaneous samples).
  4. To make SAP entries for In-process, release, assign of inspection lot of semi-finished goods, Physical sampling confirmation, Approval of BPR for printing, Additional page issuance, Approval of extra material issuance & return request and perform QA related transactions.
  5. To review executed Batch Production Record (BPR).
  6. To ensure that the manufacturing and packing operations are carried out as per the instruction given in the Batch Production Record.
  7. Co-ordination with Production, Quality Control, Warehouse, PPIC, Engineering for smooth operation.
  8. To carry out in-process checks as per respective Manufacturing and Packing Batch Production Record.
  9. To prepare various documents as per requirement in M.S. office.
  10. To carry out any other job allotted by in charge Quality Assurance.
  11. To support for market compliant login and investigation. ,

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