Lupin Hiring MPharm Candidates

Lupin Hiring MPharm Candidates. Apply Online!

Lupin, a leading pharmaceutical company, is currently seeking talented M Pharm candidates to join their team as Associate Scientists. This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Join Lupin and make a significant impact on healthcare innovation.

Job Title: Associate Scientist – Pharma Research, MA (LRP)

Company: Lupin

Location: Pune

Essential Education: M Pharm

Total Experience required: 3 to 6 years

Lupin Hiring MPharm Candidates. The Roles and Responsibilities includes:

  • Design and development prototype lab scale ANDA/ generic formulations for regulated markets & all associated documentation.
  • Planning & execution of QbD documentation and experimental studies.
  • Execution of scale-up/ exhibit batch & preparation of necessary documentation for filing.
  • Data compilation and preparation of product development report.


Lupin Hiring MPharm Candidates. The possible interview Q & A to help you with:

Q1: Can you describe your experience in designing and developing prototype lab-scale ANDA/generic formulations for regulated markets?

A1: In my previous role, I was actively involved in designing and developing prototype lab-scale formulations for ANDA and generic products. I collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure that the formulations met regulatory requirements. I also maintained

detailed documentation throughout the development process to facilitate regulatory submissions.

Q2: Could you provide an example of a challenging situation you encountered while executing scale-up/exhibit batches, and how did you overcome it?

A2: During a scale-up project, we faced unexpected variations in the physical properties of the product. To address this challenge, I initiated a comprehensive investigation, involving close collaboration with the quality control team. We identified the root cause, made necessary adjustments to the process, and successfully achieved the desired consistency in the exhibit batch.

Q3: How do you ensure compliance with regulatory standards when preparing QbD documentation and experimental studies?

A3: Compliance with regulatory standards is a top priority. I ensure this by closely following regulatory guidelines, staying updated on any changes, and collaborating with regulatory affairs professionals. Additionally, I maintain detailed and organized documentation throughout the QbD process to demonstrate adherence to quality and safety standards.

Q4: Can you share an example of a product development report you’ve prepared in your previous role and its significance in the development process?

A4: In a recent project, I prepared a product development report that documented our formulation design, experimental results, and the entire scale-up process. This report was instrumental in achieving regulatory approval because it provided a comprehensive overview of the development journey, ensuring transparency and demonstrating our commitment to quality and compliance.

Q5: How do you manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously, such as designing formulations and compiling data for product development reports?

A5: Effective time management and prioritization are key. I create detailed project plans, set milestones, and allocate time accordingly. Additionally, I believe in clear communication and collaboration within the team to ensure that everyone is aligned with project goals and timelines. This approach has helped me successfully manage multiple responsibilities while maintaining quality standards.




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