Jubilant Pharmova Job - Chemistry Production Chemist Post

Jubilant Pharmova Job – Chemistry Production Chemist Post

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Jubilant is looking for Chemist-Production for the Chemistry department. Chemistry job opening 2023, Chemistry job opening 2023, BSc Chemistry job opening 2023, Chemistry job opening 2023, Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details

Job Title: Chemist-Production

Location: Nanjangud, IND

Eligbility Criteria: Degree in Science / Graduate Engineers – Chemical/Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Chemistry/Chemical/PCM/Bio-Chemistry)

Experience: 1 to 5 Years of relevant experience from API industry only

Key Responsibility Include:

Intermediate/Clean room/SRP:

  • Producing Intermediates/API/Solvent Recovery according to pre-approved instructions and to record the same in respective BPR/documents.
  • To perform the cleaning activity as per the procedure and to record the same in respective BCR/documents.
  • Maintaining the Intermediate/Pharma/SRP and equipment clean and well appropriately disinfected.
  • To ensure that the respective equipment is calibrated
  • Maintaining the respective equipment /Area in clean condition.
  • Online updating of equipment status boards w.r.t to equipment status.
  • Identifying /Labelling of accessories (e.g. Scoop /Scrapper/Hose pipe/Filter bags/ AHU filters / micron filter cartridges) and storing the same in designated place.
  • Identify the abnormalities associated risk and objectives by cross verifying the interlocks in equipment.
  • To ensure the availability of utilities and to maintain the same by requesting utility department whenever required.

Material Handling:

  • Receiving the raw material from the stores and storage of raw materials in the designated place
  • Identification and storage of intermediates/ API’s in the designated place.
  • Maintaining the RM/ intermediate/ rejected material storage area clean and when appropriate disinfected.
  • To maintain the accessories per respective SOP.


  • To indent, receive and issue therequired documents with in timeline according to pre-approved instructions.
  • To ensure that documents being recorded contemporaneously.
  • To ensure the records are updating contemporaneously and to facilitate the required documents.
  • To ensure the availability of calibration documents where ever required.
  • To ensure that those documents are completed and signed.
  • To ensure the online entries of status board, log books and daily updating documents.
  • To ensure the accessories are properly maintained/ destructed as per the respective SOP and it is properly documented.
  • To submit the completed documents with in the timeline as per respective SOP

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Important Interview Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. Can you tell us about your experience working in the API industry and how it relates to the role of a Chemist-Production? Answer: I have been working in the API industry for [X] years, where I gained hands-on experience in producing intermediates, APIs, and solvent recovery. I am familiar with following pre-approved instructions, recording activities in relevant documents, maintaining cleanliness and disinfection, and ensuring equipment calibration. My experience aligns well with the responsibilities of a Chemist-Production.
  2. How do you ensure compliance with documentation requirements in a production environment? Answer: In my previous roles, I have followed strict documentation practices. I ensure that documents are recorded contemporaneously, updating records and logs in a timely manner. I am well-versed in maintaining calibration documents and completing necessary documentation, such as SOPs and status boards. I understand the importance of accurate and complete documentation for compliance purposes.
  3. Could you describe your approach to handling material in a production setting? Answer: I have experience in receiving raw materials from stores and storing them in designated areas. I am proficient in identifying and storing intermediates and APIs appropriately. Maintaining cleanliness and disinfection in the storage areas is a priority for me. I follow SOPs to ensure proper handling of accessories and materials, ensuring they are maintained or disposed of as required.
  4. How do you ensure equipment cleanliness and functionality in a production environment? Answer: I have a proactive approach when it comes to equipment maintenance. I ensure that equipment is cleaned and disinfected according to procedures, documenting the cleaning activities in respective BCR/documents. I also pay close attention to equipment calibration and report any abnormalities or risks associated with equipment operations. Additionally, I update equipment status boards online to keep track of their condition.
  5. Can you discuss your experience with maintaining clean and well-organized work areas? Answer: Maintaining a clean and organized work area is essential for efficient production processes. In my previous roles, I have prioritized cleanliness and organization. I ensure that intermediate/pharma/SRP areas and equipment are kept clean and appropriately disinfected. I also identify and label accessories and store them in designated places. Following procedures and SOPs, I contribute to creating a safe and well-maintained working environment.

Note: When preparing for an interview, it’s important to tailor your answers to your own experiences and skills, using the job description as a reference.

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