Unilever R&D Job - Chemistry/Pharma Candidates Apply

Unilever R&D Job 2023 – Chemistry/Pharma Candidates Apply

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Job Title: Sr R&D Executive – Product Development (Powders)

Job ID: R-60128

Category: Research/Development

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Eligbility Criteria

  • Minimum Qualification – MSc Chemistry / M Pharm/ BE Chemical Engineering / B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
  • Minimum 2-4 years’ experience in R&D (HPC)
  • Area of Specialization – Product Development / Technology Development / process engineering
  • Experience of working in cross cultural team on regional / global projects is required.


  • Laundry category has consistent growth globally.
  • Category has decided to accelerate this growth in the South Asia
  • Major emphasis has been laid in the space of Premium laundry detergent powders through development of foundation products and market development initiatives.
  • Scope and complexity of these projects is high and there is significant existing deploy workload on entire premium powders portfolio.
  • Therefore, it has been agreed by category to have a dedicated development officer (WL 1B) to be deployed on laundry powders portfolio to manage formulation & processing.

Job description:

Innovation and 5S Responsibilities

  • Work stream support for all innovation and VIP projects for all South Asia premium laundry powder projects
  • Establish initial process feasibility (pilot scale) and establish main plant feasibility based on pilot scale learnings.
  • Suggest modifications based on technical learning’s and understanding.
  • Develop or make batches using different technology approach.
  • Track shelf-life studies for projectsand carry out the storage studies adhering to the standard protocols.
  • Assess and interpret data obtained during sample storage.
  • Execute consumer testing, logistics management and project team updates.
  • Part of innovation network team and ensuring OTIF delivery in landing the projects
  • Support CTI/Packaging sample preparation work.
  • Approval & development of local supplier base for global specifications
  • Delivered quality and consumer Complaint.

Partner with Supply Chain & Quality teams on technical matters for Quality improvement, & delivery of Quality metric targets in the region
Input to resolve quality complaint and take corrective and preventive actions.
Responsible for technical input into local care line operation
Conduct Process FMEAs, Risk Assessments to ensure the consistency in delivered quality.

Competition & Others

Monitor competitor activity, ensuring GDC & Brand teams are fully briefed.
Ensure robust claim support & regulatory compliance for all brands & communications.
Problem complexity

Deployment of complex & novel technologies

  • Provide technical support complex competition challenge and legal battles.
  • Root cause analysis of quality issues & consumer complaints
  • Managing product improvement & material cost reduction program often simultaneously
  • Lead 5S for laundry powders and network with regional & global touchpoints.
  • Lateral contact the candidate will have exposure
  • Stakeholder interface with Laundry R&D Director, CCBT, GDC, Discover, SEAC, Regulatory teams.
  • Partnering with Regional / Global Brand Development & Local Brand Building teams
  • Supply Chain, Supply Management & CQA
  • Interface with suppliers & external agencies, labs, technical institutes & experts
  • Other R&D interface: CTI, appraisal, packaging, processing

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Important Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for this position? Answer: The minimum qualification required is MSc Chemistry / M Pharm/ BE Chemical Engineering / B.Tech. Chemical Engineering, along with 2-4 years of experience in R&D (HPC) and specialization in product development, technology development, or process engineering.
  2. What experience do you have in working with cross-cultural teams on regional/global projects? Answer: The candidate should provide specific examples of their previous experience working in cross-cultural teams on regional/global projects. They can talk about the challenges faced, how they addressed them, and what they learned from the experience.
  3. How would you manage formulation and processing of laundry powder portfolios? Answer: The candidate should demonstrate their expertise in managing the formulation and processing of laundry powder portfolios by discussing their previous experience in this area, including their approach to feasibility testing, modification suggestions, and batch development using different technology approaches.
  4. What is your experience in quality improvement and resolving quality complaints? Answer: The candidate should discuss their previous experience in quality improvement, their approach to resolving quality complaints, and how they ensure consistency in delivered quality by conducting process FMEAs and risk assessments.
  5. How would you monitor competitor activity and ensure regulatory compliance for all brands and communications? Answer: The candidate should explain their approach to monitoring competitor activity, including how they keep GDC and brand teams informed. They should also discuss their knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements and how they ensure that all brands and communications are compliant with regulations.

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