List of Important Chemical Science books for CSIR NET

Important Reference Books For CSIR NET Chemical Science. List of reference books for CSIR NET Physical, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry. Important books for CSIR NET Chemical science exam.

CSIR NET has three parts in chemistry,

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  •  inorganic Chemistry

Important Reference Book For CSIR NET Organic Chemistry 

  • Organic Chemistry by Clayden is a textbook containing all the topics.
  • Modern Methods of organic chemistry by William Carruthers & Iain Coldham:

It’s a book with many organic transformations that will introduce you to various reagents you need to study because in part C, especially in CSIR NET, you get questions from important character reagents. While reading these reagents, you should also note the mechanisms, what different mechanisms are present for each region, and how each result is reacting with the reactants. So, you should note all these things while going through them.

Book For Stereochemistry: 

  • Conformation & Mechanism by – P S Kalsi

Note: While you’re studying, don’t forget to make notes your own notes for each and every topic.So that while revising, you need not go through each point again,

  • Stereochemistry of organic compounds principles and applications by – D Nasipuri
  • Stereochemistry of organic compound by Ernest L Eliel
  • Organic Spectroscopy – William Kemp
  • Pericyclic & Photochemistry by – Photochemistry & Pericyclic Reactions -Jagdamba Singh & Jaya Singh


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Important Reference Book For CSIR NET Inorganic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Principle of Structures and Reactivity by James E.Huheey
  • Inorganic Chemistry by Gary L Miessler, Donal A. Tarr
  • Principle of Inorganic Chemistry by Puri Sharma Kalia
  • Fundamenta Concepts of Inorganic Chemistry Asim K Das

Inorganic Spectroscopy 

  • Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry by Russell S.Dargo
  • Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry by Holler, Crouch

Organometallic Chemistry

  • Basic Organometallic Chemistry by BD Gupta

Coordination Chemistry

  • Consie Coordination Chemistry by RC Ramalingam

Main Group Elements 

  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

Important Reference Book For CSIR NET Physical Chemistry

  • Principal of Physical Chemistry by Puri Sharma Pathania
  • Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins
  • Physical Chemistry by Ira N.Levine
  • A Text Book of Physical Chemistry by Kl Kapoor

Quantum Chemistry

Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Donald A.McQuarrie

Quantum Chemistry: Through Problem Solutions by RK Prasad

Group Theory

Chemical Applications of Gropu Theory by F A Cotton

Group Theory and Chemistry by David M.Bishop

Physical Spectroscopy

Fubdanmentslas of Molecular Spectroscopy by Banwell

Symmetry and Spectroscopy of Molecules by Veera Reddy

Note: While you’re studying, don’t forget to make notes your notes for every topic.So that while revising, you need not go through each point again.

So we hope this video illustrated Important Books For CSIR NET – was helpful to all of you. For more such videos, stay tuned to Rasayanika.


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