IIT Goa Summer Internship Program - Chemistry & Pharma

IIT Goa Summer Internship Program – Chemistry & Pharma

Summer internship program of IIT Goa is designed to provide hands-on research experience to motivated students in a highly qualified academic setting. The duration of the program can vary from 6 weeks to 10 weeks, depending on the availability of the faculty and students. All students pursuing relevant Bachelors/Masters program are eligible to apply. Those who are in final year of their degree program are not eligible to apply.

Procedure to apply and some important points are as follows:

1. All interested students must fill the online application form. Webpages of the IIT Goa faculties provide a clear idea of available research areas of each department. These details should be used to fill “Preferred research areas” in the application form.

2. After the deadline, faculty members of the each department will scrutinize all applications and will select the interns. At the time of selection, a faculty supervisor will be allocated to each student.

3. Students can discuss the exact duration of the internship with the supervisor. It is expected that each student spends at least 6 weeks in the institute. The start date of the internship can not be earlier than

18.05.2020, and the end date should be on or before 23.07.2020.

4. IIT Goa will not provide any stipend to summer interns, and it will not charge any fee for the same.

5. Hostel and mess facilities will be provided to summer students on a sharing basis, and the interns should bear the expenses.

6. All summer students who will stay in hostel must avail mess facilities.

7. Before arrival, students must pay the hostel and mess fee. Further details on this will be communicated to selected students.

8. Upon arrival, all students should submit a Bonafide certificate in original, and two passport size photographs to the academic office.

9. The academic office will issue a temporary ID card to summer students, which is mandatory to enter the library and refer books. Library will not issue books to summer students.

10. Laboratory facilities of the institute will be available for internship related activities.

11. No medical facilities will be provided to summer students.

12. On completion of the project, the student is expected to submit a project completion form from the supervisor. Upon the receipt of this form, the academic office will issue a certification to the student.

13. For any queries that are not listed here, you may write to [email protected].

Deadline: 20 March 2020

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