Reliance Group hiring for the post of Downstream Research Scientist​​​​​​​


Reliance Group hiring for the post of Downstream Research Scientist

The Reliance Group is India’s largest private sector enterprise, with businesses in the energy and materials value chain. Group’s annual revenues are in excess of US$ 73bn. The flagship company, Reliance Industries Limited, is a Fortune Global 114 company and is the largest private sector company in India. Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Reliance. Starting with textiles in the late seventies, Reliance pursued a strategy of backward vertical integration – in polyester, fibre intermediates, plastics, petrochemicals, petroleum refining and oil and gas exploration and production – to be fully integrated along the materials and energy value chain.

The Group’s activities span exploration and production of oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals (polyester, fibre intermediates, plastics and chemicals), textiles, retail, infotel and special economic zones.

Reliance enjoys global leadership in its businesses, being the largest polyester yarn and fibre producer in the world and among the top five to ten producers in the world of major petrochemical products. Major Group Companies are Reliance Industries Limited, including its subsidiaries and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited.

Post Title: Downstream Research Scientist

Req ID: 111167

Job Description:

Short Description:

  • Operation of the batch and bench-top high pressure and high temperature pilot plant with automation for Biomass conversion with and without catalyst.
  • Collection and compilation of experimental data and converting them into Technical Reports, Patents and Publications.
  • Working in general shift and managing/operating and maintenance of reactors and analytical equipments (both wet and dry equipments)
  • To ensure safety of working colleagues and equipments which involves coordination with other disciplines as required

Long Description:

Job Accountabilities:

  1. Conducting/helping to conduct everyday experiments and catalyst synthesis at laboratory using batch and fixed bed reactor for biomass conversion.
  2. Identifying required R&D equipments/instruments for biomass conversion to bio-crude/bio-fuel/value added products.
  3. Conduct the experimental trials as per the trial plan, help implement management of change (MOC) implementation for trials as required.
  4. Collection of experimental samples and sample analysis.
  5. Preparation of Operating Manual, Standard Operating Procedures for smooth Operation and compliance of the procedures for the laboratory operation.
  6. Identifying the maintenance requirement of the laboratory equipment and instruments. Also coordination with Engineering and Maintenance groups.
  7. Track new regulations (local and international) and be conversant with the mechanism for compliance.

Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills):

  1. Develop and maintain Data base for Operating data, operating SOPS, Critical equipment /Instruments /protocols / Calculations/Reports.
  2. Inventory management for equipment’s, spares, chemicals and raw materials.
  3. Knowledge of HSE & F codes and Engineering and R&D standards
  4. Awareness of statutory, Compliance & regulations.
  5. Operation skills of high pressure reactors and catalyst synthesis
  6. Dissemination of learning’s from related projects

Key Attributes (Experience and Qualifications):

  • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering from recognized Institute/University
  • Min 2 years of research experience in preferably in biomass research
  • Training and operation/handling of  high pressure and high temperature equipment/reactors
  • Operation of wet and dry analytical equipments
  • Experience in chemical reaction mechanism, kinetics, and operation of high Pressure, Temperature reactor systems

Reliance has six Values and associated behaviors which are the essential and enduring tenets underpinning all decisions and way of life at Reliance and every employee is expected to abide by them. We are also committed to adhering to our candidate charter to deliver the best candidate experience.

Location: Maharashtra

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply online via the link below.

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