Intern - Preformulation @ L'Oreal, R&I, Bangalore
"Discover the Amazing Internship Opportunity at L'Oreal R&I in Bangalore!"

Intern – Preformulation @ L’Oreal, R&I, Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka

For more than hundred years, L’Oréal believes that beauty needs Science. In a world now transformed by digital technology and the emergence of new scientific domains, we are confident in our ability to turn these opportunities into major innovations, closely linked to the new consumer expectations all over the world. Science & Technology are allowing us to invent safe, trustable, sustainable & responsible beauty products and experiences that will change people’s lives.

L’Oréal Research & Innovation (R&I) has continuously invested upstream in its research with a high level of ambition. Our 4 100 L’Oréal R&I people are talented and highly skilled, located in major markets, working in a cooperative way, open to the world.

In the department of Research & Innovation, we are looking for an Intern.

Type of contract: 6 – 9 months

Location: Bangalore, India

As an Intern, your main responsibilities are:

  • Conducting the solubility studies for the Actives for cosmetic applications.
  • Preparation of the cosmetic formulation with the active ingredient.
  • Monitoring the accelerated thermal stability of actives and the formulation.
  • Coordinate the analysis with the analytical team.
  • Document the findings as a report.

To succeed in this position, you have:

  • M.Sc (Chemistry/Applied chemistry/Industrial chemistry) or M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
  • To understand the Physiochemistry aspects of the cosmetic product formulation such as gels, serums, creams, cleansers etc.
  • Preferably completed a dissertation related to the preparation of cosmetic or pharma formulation with an active or drug and studying its application or stability profile.

You are:

  • Inquisitive learner and Passionate in handling various equipment in the labs.
  • Capable of performing root cause analysis & problem solving
  • Excellent in communication and presentation skills.
  • Able to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.

If you identify yourself in this position, please apply by uploading your resume in PDF.


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