Reliance Industries Lab Analyst Job - BSc Chemistry/ Diploma in Chemical Engg Apply
"Exciting Opportunity: Reliance Industries Hiring Lab Analyst - Apply Now!"

Reliance Industries Lab Analyst Job – BSc Chemistry/ Diploma in Chemical Engg Apply

Job Posting: Lab Analyst [81030521]

Reliance Industries is currently hiring for the position of Lab Analyst. Apply online now!

Posted Date: 03 Nov 2023

Function/Business Area: Manufacturing

Location: Vadodara

Job Responsibilities:

  • Inspection of received routine samples and distribution of samples as per type of analysis to the different sections of the laboratory.
  • Communicate to shift in charge for any abnormal samples or non-receipt of routine sample as per schedule.
  • Adherence to standard test methods or work instructions and compliance to Quality system procedures.
  • Carry out required tests and confirms test results by using validation techniques before reporting for ensuring reliability of the result.
  • Detect exceptions or deviations in test results and highlight/report to concern.
  • Perform on-spot mitigation in emergency situation under the guidance of the shift in charge.
  • Ensure effective sample management.
  • Dispose left over samples safely in the identified container.
  • Ensure timely entry of test results in LIMS.
  • Ensure availability of analytical gears (instrument/equipment/glassware etc.) by cleaning and maintaining them for next experiment/test.
  • Maintain Good housekeeping in laboratory.

Data Management:

Proper entries of results recordin

g in the raw data book / LIMS / process register / and maintain in individual raw data book for recording work carried out.

HSE & other regulatory compliance:

  • Follow applicable HSEF procedures/practices.
  • Stay aware of environmental, site, statutory, IP regulations.
  • Handle chemicals and tools as per safety norms.
  • Ensure safe working conditions.
  • Report unsafe act/unsafe condition to lab management for correction.

Learning & mentoring:

  • Self-initiative for trainings to enhance competencies.
  • Participate in external trainings and events as advised by the section head.

Business/Function-specific Competencies (Technical/Functional):

  • Timely execution of assigned tasks.
  • Erratic changes in plans.
  • Working with multiple interface such as business, customers, operations, E&M and HSEF.
  • Sample management.
  • Exceptions or deviations in test results.
  • Prioritization of assigned activities.

HSEF-specific Competencies:

  • Fire Safety Management.
  • Waste Management.
  • Integrated Management System.
  • RIL HSE Management System.
  • HSE Policy, Principles, Standards and Procedures & Practices.

Education Requirement:

B.Sc. Chemistry or Diploma Chemical engineering

Experience Requirement:

Preferably, 2 years in QA/QC discipline.

Skills & Competencies:

  • Relevant knowledge of the test procedure and results reporting as per standard method requirement.
  • Sample Handling as per category and performing analysis as per standard method.
  • Knowledge of process stream samples with respect to critical results.
  • Ability to learn different types of chemical/Instrumental testing.
  • Effective communication for any abnormal/off spec result to Shift In-charge.


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