Multiple Opening in Walter Bushnell

Multiple Opening in Walter Bushnell for MPharm/MSc/PhD Chemistry Candidates!

Walter Bushnell, a renowned pharmaceutical company, is offering multiple exciting career opportunities for candidates with backgrounds in MPharm, MSc, or PhD in Chemistry. Join our innovative team and contribute to advancements in healthcare through cutting-edge research and development. Apply today to be part of our dynamic and rewarding work environment.

Multiple Opening in Walter Bushnell . The available Job Titles:

  • Senior Research Scientist (API organic synthesis)
  • Senior Research Associate (Analytical)
  • Research Scientist (Formulation)
  • Senior Research Scientist (Formulation)
  • Senior Research Scientist (Analytical)

Company: Walter Bushnell

Location: Gurgaon

Qualification: MSc/MPharm/PhD Chemistry

Experience: Minimum 5 Years Experience Required

Contact Person: Ms. Shikha

Mobile: 8527526120

email: [email protected]

Note: Interested Candidates can share their CV on mentioned Email ID or call directly.


Multiple Opening in Walter Bushnell for MPharm/MSc/PhD Chemistry Candidates- The possible interview Q & A:

1. For Senior Research Scientist (API Organic Synthesis):

Question: Can you describe your experience with complex organic synthesis projects, and how did you handle challenges that arose during the process?

Answer: In my previous role, I led a team in developing a novel synthesis route for a critical API. When challenges emerged, we conducted thorough literature reviews, collaborated

with experts, and employed creative problem-solving to devise effective solutions. Flexibility and perseverance were key in achieving our goals.

2. For Senior Research Associate (Analytical):

Question: What analytical techniques and instruments are you proficient in, and can you provide an example of a project where you applied these skills to ensure product quality and compliance?

Answer: I have extensive experience with HPLC, GC, and various spectroscopic techniques. In a recent project, I conducted method validation for a drug product, ensuring its compliance with regulatory standards. This required meticulous attention to detail, data integrity, and collaboration with cross-functional teams.

3. For Research Scientist (Formulation):

Question: How do you approach the formulation development process for pharmaceutical products, and can you share an example of a successful formulation project you’ve led?

Answer: Formulation development begins with a deep understanding of the drug’s physicochemical properties and patient needs. In one project, I optimized a pediatric liquid formulation, addressing taste and stability challenges while ensuring dosage accuracy. Effective communication and collaboration with R&D and regulatory teams were essential for success.

4. For Senior Research Scientist (Formulation):

Question: What strategies do you employ to advance the formulation of complex drug delivery systems, and how do you manage timelines and resources effectively?

Answer: I prioritize a systematic approach, starting with a comprehensive feasibility study. In a recent project involving sustained-release formulations, I utilized Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimize parameters efficiently. Effective project management, clear communication, and resource allocation ensured we met project milestones on time.

5. For Senior Research Scientist (Analytical):

Question: How do you stay updated with the latest analytical technologies and methodologies, and how have you incorporated innovations into your work to enhance efficiency and accuracy?

Answer: I actively participate in industry conferences, webinars, and engage in continuous training programs. I’m particularly excited about the potential of AI-driven analytics. In a recent project, I integrated machine learning algorithms to enhance data analysis, resulting in improved assay accuracy and reduced testing time.


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