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Pharma Scientist Jobs at Navitas – Apply Online. Navitas Bioanalytical Scientist Role For Pharma Candidates – Apply now. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Job position: Bioanalytical Scientist

Job Location: Manipal, India

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Pharma

Employment: Full Time

Job Description for Bioanalytical Scientist: 

We are looking for a Bioanalytical Scientist. The successful candidate will:

  • Develop and validate bioanalytical methods using LCMS and other sophisticated instruments
  • Carry out the routine calibration of instruments
  • Have a thorough knowledge of LCMS,HPLC,HPTLC,GCMS and other instruments
  • Have knowledge of USFDA guidelines
  • Have excellent communication skills and ability to co-ordinate with team members
  • Possess good interpersonal and management skills
  • Have strong basic knowledge about Analytical instruments viz., HPLC, LC-MS,
  • Be accountable for group productivity in terms of number of samples, analysis, quality, quantity timelines better Turn Around Time (TAT) improvement

Desirable Skills and Experience for Bioanalytical Scientist : 

  • 2 – 5 years’ of experience in Bioanalytics


Possible interview questions may be asked for Bioanalytical Scientist

1. Can you describe your experience with developing and validating bioanalytical methods using LCMS and other advanced instruments?

Answer: “In my previous role, I was Scientist for developing and validating bioanalytical methods using LCMS and other sophisticated instruments. This involved designing experiments, optimizing conditions, and ensuring the methods complied with regulatory guidelines.”

2. How do you ensure the routine calibration and maintenance of analytical instruments to guarantee accurate and reliable results?

Answer: “Routine calibration and maintenance of instruments are essential for data accuracy. I follow a strict schedule for instrument calibration and preventive maintenance. Additionally, I regularly check instrument performance and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the reliability of results.”

3. Can you explain your familiarity with USFDA guidelines and their relevance in the field of bioanalytics?

 Answer: “I have a solid understanding of USFDA guidelines, particularly those related to bioanalytical method validation and regulatory compliance. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial in ensuring the quality and integrity of bioanalytical data Scientist.”

4. How do you prioritize and manage your workload, especially when facing tight deadlines and a high sample volume?

Answer:“When dealing with tight deadlines and a high sample volume, I prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. I also collaborate closely with team members to streamline processes and improve Turn Around Time (TAT) without compromising on quality.”

5. Could you share an example of a challenging project where you had to troubleshoot instrument issues and ensure the timely delivery of results?

 Answer: “Certainly, in a previous project as Scientist, we encountered an unexpected instrument malfunction that could have delayed the project. I quickly identified the issue, collaborated with the instrument service team for prompt repair, and worked overtime with my team to catch up on the lost time. We successfully met the project deadline.”


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