Pharma Internship at Lilly

Pharma Internship at Lilly – Online Application Process

Pharma Internship at Lilly – Online Application Process. Lilly, a renowned pharmaceutical company, is offering exciting internship opportunities for B.Pharm candidates. Join us to gain valuable hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry and contribute to our mission of improving global health. Apply now to kickstart your career in healthcare innovation.

Job Title: Intern- Safety Management

Company: Lilly

Department: Research & Development Job Type

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Type: Full Time – Temporary (Fixed Term)

Job Id: R-52083

Internship for B.Pharm Candidates -Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Healthcare degree, or study in the area of pharmaceutical/biological science preferred.
  • Critical thinking to solve problems, and make decisions autonomously, and as part of a team.
  • Ability to apply critical thinking and flexibility in the use of electronic systems and adapting new and changing systems.
  • Basic computer skills (i.e., word processing, tables and graphics, spreadsheets, presentations, templates, databases, search engines).
  • Ability to work effectively in a global team and apply understanding of diversity and inclusion.
  • Fluency in English (write / read / speak).

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Apply clinical judgement, critical thinking, and regulatory knowledge to the management of adverse event data within GPS systems to ensure data integrity, consistency, and compliance.
  • Continuously expand knowledge of Lilly compounds / products (e.g., design of clinical trials, safety profile, regulatory commitments, indications, identified risks, main adverse reactions, risk minimization activities).
  • Continuously expand regulatory expertise on case collection and expedited reporting requirements dictated by major regulatory agencies (e.g., FDA, EMA, MHRA, PMDA).
  • Participates as a cross functional team member of study teams, as assigned
    Understand functioning of systems owned GPS (e.g., MOSAIC, LSS), contributing with updates / enhancements and solution of workflow issues.
  • Process adverse events and other safety information from various sources (e.g., Clinical Trials, Patient Support Programs, Lilly Market Research, literature, spontaneous reports, etc.).
  • Assess individual reports identifying gaps of information and the need to conduct follow-up to clarify seriousness, expectedness, causality and achieve case completion.
  • Comply with internal and external timelines for managing adverse event data entry.
  • Lead/support literature search strategy updates and system issues/enhancements.
  • Translate global / regional / local PhV regulatory requirements into expedited reporting rules and conduct Product License studies activities.
  • Responsible for the completeness and accuracy of data management within the GPS Systems, and other associated case management activities. These activities may include but are not limited to:
  • Management of adverse events arising from various sources including but not limited to literature, Patient Support Programs (PSPs), Clinical Trials (CT), spontaneous, pregnancy, devices, Lilly Market Research (LMR), etc.
  • Ensure the following: appropriate serious outcome criteria for adverse events are selected, appropriate terms selected from source documents, listedness and relatedness is completed accurately, and cases are available as appropriate for Medical Review.
  • Complete or verify MedDRA coding.
  • Identify concomitant medication and relevant medical history.
  • Ensure appropriate Follow Up is obtained utilizing a customer experience mindset whether working with patients, HCPs, or investigators/site personnel.
  • Understand and proactively manage incoming work by prioritizing and collaborating with global colleagues.
  • Prioritize work to ensure internal and regulatory timelines are met.
  • Be a pro-active member providing expertise on local or global projects to ensure Safety Management is consistently delivering innovation and improvements.
  • Maintain understanding of PV agreements for assigned products.


Internship for B.Pharm Candidates at Lilly. The possible interview Q & A to help you with:

Question: Can you tell us about your educational background and how it aligns with the minimum qualification requirements for this internship?

Answer: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, which aligns perfectly with the minimum qualification requirements for this internship. My coursework has equipped me with a solid foundation in pharmaceutical sciences, and I am eager to apply my knowledge in a practical setting at Lilly.

Question: How do you demonstrate critical thinking skills, and can you provide an example of a problem-solving situation?

Answer: Critical thinking is a strength I’ve honed during my academic pursuits. For instance, during a research project, I encountered a complex issue with data analysis. Instead of panicking, I broke down the problem, identified potential solutions, and collaborated with my team to implement the best one, ultimately achieving our research goals.

Question: Describe your experience with electronic systems and adapting to new technologies. How comfortable are you with using different software applications?

Answer: I am comfortable with using electronic systems and have experience with various software applications. During my coursework, I regularly utilized tools for data analysis, research, and report generation. I am also a quick learner, which makes adapting to new and changing systems an exciting challenge for me.

Question: Give an example of a project where you worked effectively as part of a diverse team. How did you contribute to the team’s success?

Answer: In one of my coursework projects, I collaborated with students from diverse backgrounds to analyze the safety profile of a pharmaceutical product. I contributed by bringing in my pharmaceutical knowledge while also fostering an inclusive environment where everyone’s insights were valued. This collaboration resulted in a comprehensive and well-received project.

Question: Can you discuss your fluency in English and how it will be an asset in this internship role?

Answer: I am fluent in English, both in writing and speaking. This fluency is crucial in a global company like Lilly, as effective communication is key to working with international teams and adhering to regulatory requirements. I believe my language proficiency will enable me to excel in this internship and contribute to the company’s success.

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