Exciting Opportunity for MPharm Candidates

Exciting Opportunity for M Pharm Candidates at Pfizer

Job Title: Publications Writer

Company: Pfizer

Location: Mumbai

Job Description:

  • Responsible for providing support to the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group (PBG), CMAO-Global Medical Excellence & Innovation, Global Medical Affairs team

Roles & Responsibilities of M pharm Candidates at Pfizer:

• Develop abstracts, posters, manuscripts, congress presentations and slide decks as per the required business needs.

• Perform requisite data mining and co-ordinate with cross-functional teams as per the requisite needs of the document.

• Responsible for review and data quality control of all documents and ensure that data is objectively and accurately represented

• Adherence to general publication policies and company policies on all documents.

• Provide regular updates on projects using trackers and presentations as per pre-specified format.

• Draft/train on developing plain language summaries for all manuscripts, as applicable.

• Attend publications group meetings and updates cross-functional teams on the status of current work.

• Participate in publications subcommittee to plan and implement appropriate publication strategy and tactics in accordance with Pfizer policy.

• Scientific support at congresses including development of materials and reports.

• Providing support to the Medical Affairs group including but not limited to literature reviews and summaries

, preparation of slide decks.

• Ensuring delivery of all required activities within expected timelines, on budget and adhering to all requisite guidelines.

• Support GMAIST team with core Global Medical Product Evaluation support (GMPE) tasks which includes researching literature databases, Health Hazard Assessments and medical writing activities related to product maintenance and defense of products, as needed.

• Manuscript writing including researching, organizing, compiling, interpreting and quality checking various types of technical and/or medical information.

• Creating slides, abstracts, training materials, and style guides, as needed for our clients and their diverse audiences.

• Develop and maintain relationships with cross functional teams through engagement with ongoing publication activities, including congress presentation slide reviews and publication steering committee meetings (as appropriate).

• Perform publication tracking using tools such as Datavision, as needed.

Required Skill Set :


• Writing skills: Excellent scientific writing skills, including an ability to interpret and summarize complicated data effectively, concisely and persuasively.

• Analytic skills: Utilize tools such as OvidSP and other bibliographic databases such as PubMed, Medline, Embase, and Biosis. Ability to examine data, formulate reasonable hypotheses, and design and execute analyses to test them.

• Language skills: High fluency in written English and strong functional fluency in spoken English.

• Personal skills: Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines. Able to maintain confidentiality, pay attention to details, and follow-up with collaborators on a regular basis.

• Interpersonal skills: Effective influencing and negotiating skills, including when appropriate an ability to guide decision-making for document content strategy. Ability to work well with all levels and roles in cross-functional, global teams. Ability to mentor more junior colleagues.

• Software: Previous experience with software commonly used to present and analyze data (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and reference management tools such as EndNote) is required. Experience with searching literature and freely accessible databases (e.g. for antimicrobial resistance related) is preferred.

• Good understanding of statistical principles used in medical research.

• Epidemiology: Familiarity with epidemiologic principles and concepts is desirable.


• Reports directly to the Senior Manager, Medical Writing- GMAIST Pubs COE

• Works closely with Publications Specialist, Global Medical Affairs Leads and Publication coordinators.

• Interacts with Medical Affairs colleagues, Local, Regional and at a Global level.

Qualification: Post-graduate/ Doctorate degree in life sciences/Pharmacy/Medical sciences or equivalent degrees.


  • 3 to 6 years relevant experience for medical graduates/PhDs. More than 6 years relevant experience for masters in life sciences.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in publication writing in academic settings/ communications experience within an agency, CRO, Pharma / Biotech Company. Prior experience in using search tools, developing search strings and assessing search results and data analysis is preferred. Expertise in drafting plain language summaries and ISMPP-CMPP® certified writers preferred.


Exciting Opportunity for M Pharm Candidates at Pfizer. Here are Some Possible Interview Questions and Answers:

1.Can you briefly describe your experience in medical or pharmaceutical writing, and how it aligns with the responsibilities of this role at Pfizer?

Answer: I have X years of experience in medical writing, which includes crafting scientific publications, regulatory documents, and other materials within the pharmaceutical industry. This experience has honed my ability to communicate complex scientific information effectively, which aligns well with the role’s requirement to support Pfizer’s Global Medical Affairs team.

2. How do you ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory guidelines when writing pharmaceutical publications?

Answer: Accuracy and regulatory compliance are paramount in pharmaceutical writing. I adhere to established guidelines such as ICH-GCP, AMA, and FDA regulations. Additionally, I collaborate closely with subject matter experts and maintain meticulous documentation of sources and references to ensure accuracy and compliance in all publications.

3. Can you describe your process for managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines simultaneously?

Answer: I rely on a structured project management approach. I prioritize tasks, set realistic deadlines, and maintain open communication with team members. Additionally, I use project management tools to track progress and identify potential bottlenecks, ensuring that all projects are completed on time and with high quality.

4.How do you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and research in the pharmaceutical and medical fields to inform your writing?

Answer: Staying current is crucial in this role. I regularly read scientific journals, attend conferences, and engage with industry experts. I also collaborate closely with Pfizer’s medical experts to ensure that my writing reflects the most recent developments and aligns with the company’s strategic goals.

5.Can you provide an example of a challenging project where you had to distill complex scientific information for a non-specialist audience? How did you approach it?

Answer: In a previous role, I worked on a project where we had to communicate the benefits of a cutting-edge cancer treatment to patients and their families. I began by thoroughly understanding the scientific concepts involved, then used plain language and visual aids to simplify the information. I also sought input from medical experts and conducted focus group testing to ensure the content was easily understandable by non-specialists.


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