Novartis Hiring MSc/PhD Chem or Pharma Candidates – Apply Online Now

Novartis Hiring Chemistry and Pharma

Novartis Hiring Chemistry and Pharma Candidates- Apply Online!

Novartis is actively recruiting candidates with M.Sc. or Ph.D. qualifications in Chemistry or Pharma for the position of Associate Expert in Science and Technology. This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to innovative advancements in the pharmaceutical industry with a global healthcare leader.

Job Title: Associate Expert Science and Technology

Company: Nov Hltcr Shared Services Ind

Work Location: Hyderabad, AP

Job Type: Full Time (No shift work)

Essential Qualification: Master of Science with 3+yrs of Industrial experience or PhD in Science with focus on pharmaceutical sciences and technology (e.g. Pharmacy, Chemistry)

Novartis Hiring Chemistry and Pharma candidates. Minimum Requirements to apply is as follows :

  • Master of Science with 3+yrs of Industrial experience or PhD in Science with focus on pharmaceutical sciences and technology (e.g. Pharmacy, Chemistry).
  • Awareness for safe handling of chemicals, potentially dangerous materials and equipment.
  • Adequate scientific or technical knowledge in a specific area (e.g. synthetic, analytical, galenical).
  • Basic knowledge in scientific/technical areas of collaboration.
  • Good knowledge of laboratory and/or technical tools. Adequate knowledge of software and computer tools.
  • Creative thinking and effective interdisciplinary collaboration with other functions.
  • Basic presentation skills and scientific/technical writing skills.
  • Good communication skills and basic organizational, planning and negotiation skills.


Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Plan and support development of early and late phase NCE development for solid (tablet, capsules), liquid (solution, suspension, micro emulsion), parenteral and topical dosage forms (including poorly soluble compounds).
  • Plan and support entire drug product development process starting with first pre-formulation studies up to the manufacturing process transfer to production and the provision of the required documentation to allow worldwide registration
  • Support development of robust formulations and processes through optimization, scale-up and validation work applying QbD principles incl. risk assessments and DoEs
  • Strong scientific background wrt biopharmaceutics and its application in DP development
  • Provide documentation of raw data, evaluation and contribute to interpretation of results. Provide input for the selection of next experiments.
  • Communicate and address problems, perform safety and literature searches under guidance from more experienced team members.
  • Meet quality, quantity and timelines in all assigned projects.


Novartis Hiring Chemistry and Pharma Candidates- Possible Interview Questions that can help you with:

1. Interview Question: Can you tell us about your educational background and relevant work experience in pharmaceutical sciences and technology?

Answer: I hold a [Master of Science/PhD] degree in [Pharmacy/Chemistry] with a strong focus on pharmaceutical sciences and technology. I have over [number of years] years of industrial experience in this field. During my academic and professional journey, I have gained expertise in [mention specific areas or projects relevant to the role], which have equipped me with a deep understanding of the drug development process.

2. Interview Question: How do you ensure the safe handling of chemicals and potentially dangerous materials in a laboratory setting?

Answer: Safety is a top priority in any laboratory environment. I strictly adhere to safety protocols by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), conducting thorough risk assessments, and following established safety guidelines. I am also well-versed in emergency procedures and have experience with handling potentially hazardous materials in a controlled and safe manner.

3. Interview Question: Can you provide an example of a project where you applied Quality by Design (QbD) principles and risk assessments to develop a pharmaceutical product?

Answer: Certainly, in a previous role, I was part of a team that developed a novel drug formulation. We implemented QbD principles from the early stages of pre-formulation studies. We conducted a comprehensive risk assessment to identify critical parameters and used Design of Experiments (DoEs) to optimize the formulation and manufacturing process. This approach not only improved the robustness of the product but also streamlined the development timeline and reduced potential risks.

4. Interview Question: How do you stay updated with the latest advancements in pharmaceutical sciences and technology?

Answer: Staying current in this rapidly evolving field is crucial. I regularly attend industry conferences, workshops, and webinars. I also subscribe to reputable scientific journals and publications. Additionally, I actively engage in scientific networks and forums, allowing me to exchange ideas and insights with peers and experts in the field.

5. Interview Question: Can you describe a challenging situation in a previous project and how you addressed it collaboratively with your team?

Answer: Certainly, in a previous project, we encountered unexpected issues during the scale-up process. There was a discrepancy between the lab-scale and production-scale results. To address this challenge, I collaborated closely with my team members, including scientists from different disciplines. We conducted thorough investigations, performed additional experiments, and eventually identified the root cause. Through effective interdisciplinary collaboration and problem-solving, we successfully resolved the issue, ensuring the project met its quality, quantity, and timeline objectives.

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