Executive Job at Pfizer for B.Sc / M.Sc. Chemistry & B. Pharm

Executive Job at Pfizer for B.Sc / M.Sc. Chemistry & Pharmacy Candidates

Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. Executive Job at Pfizer for B.Sc / M.Sc. Chemistry & Pharmacy Candidates. Interested Candidates Check out the details below and Apply Online

Job title: Executive

Job Location: Vizag, India

Job id: 4828873

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Technical skills:

  • Basic knowledge of pharmaceutical industries, machines cleaning operation and maintenance.
  • Understand workplace safety and related procedures (First aid)
  • Basic Knowledge on Pharmaceutical industries and its standards.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Knowledge on basic trouble shooting.
  • Standards, Process, and policies:
  • Basic understanding of cGMP, global quality standard and data Integrity.
  • Behavioral/ any Other skills:
  • Attention to details
  • Willingness to take direction and adhere to procedures
  • Basis understanding of hygiene, Clean room work culture.
  • Proper utilization of personal protective equipment during activities.


  • Equipment installation and qualification:
  • Participate in the installation, site acceptance test, Installation qualification, operation qualification, Process qualification and Re-qualification of equipment in the respective functional area.
  • Participate in the execution of equipment qualification, performance verification and process validation

Ongoing Operation

  • Manage multiple projects and work activities (timelines, work plans, deliverables) within the team.
  • Support development of SMART Objectives for the full team.
  • Participate in Pfizer Network programs, to ensure best practice sharing.
  • Assist with the development of your unit from commissioning, through to start-up, validation, and {Current} Good Manufacturing Practices {part of GxP} operations.
  • Lead System Application & Products Materials process for Shift.
  • Perform quality check on processing activities and process confirmations of Integrated Manufacturing Excellence (IMEx) elements.
  • Drive implementation and embedding of Lean Tools in the area.
  • Act as interface between management team and functional team.
  • Support Shift Colleagues’ Individual Development Plan.
  • Ensure contingent staff are managed appropriately in terms of performance and training

Quality management and Compliance

  • Follow cGMP and safety at all stages of manufacturing activity.
  • Compliance to Pfizer integrity principles at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Participate in internal and external (Regulatory and Non-regulatory) audits.


  • Prepare the daily activity report. Complete the documents online as per cGMP and GDP.
  • Preparation of user requirement specification (URS), standard operating procedures, change controls forms and corrective action and preventative action and support investigation.
  • Responsible for protocols preparation execution, completion, review and submission and retrieval to document cell and validation as per requirement.


  • To Attend training for all the applicable procedures as per the schedule before performing the job.
  • Should be able to provide training to the trainees.

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Prior relevant Leadership experience in a regulated manufacturing operations environment
  • Working knowledge of Upstream/Downstream Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) manufacturing operations
  • Strong people management experience
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced and goal driven environment with strong decision making capability
  • Master’s degree
  • Relevant pharmaceutical industry experience.
  • Knowledge and skill




Executive Job at Pfizer for B.Sc / M.Sc. Chemistry & Pharmacy Candidates. Here are five Possible interview questions along with their answers for the Executive position:

Question 1: Can you explain your understanding of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and how you ensure compliance with these standards in your work?**

Answer: Certainly. cGMP refers to the set of regulations and guidelines that ensure the quality, safety, and consistency of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. In my role as an Executive, I have a basic understanding of cGMP and its importance in maintaining product integrity. I follow cGMP principles throughout all stages of manufacturing activity, including equipment installation, documentation, and quality management. For example, I adhere to proper documentation practices, perform quality checks, and ensure that all manufacturing processes meet regulatory requirements. This ensures that our products are produced in a controlled and compliant manner.

Question 2: Can you provide an example of a situation where you had to manage multiple projects and work activities simultaneously within your team?

Answer: Certainly. In my previous role, I was responsible for overseeing the installation and qualification of multiple equipment in the manufacturing area. This required careful planning, coordination, and adherence to timelines. I created work plans for each project, assigned responsibilities, and tracked progress. For instance, during the installation of a new machine, I coordinated with cross-functional teams to ensure successful site acceptance testing, qualification, and validation. By effectively managing these projects, I ensured that equipment was ready for operation on schedule.

Question 3: How do you contribute to maintaining a culture of safety and hygiene, especially in a clean room work environment?

Answer: Safety and hygiene are paramount, especially in a clean room work environment. I contribute to this culture by having a basic understanding of hygiene practices and adhering to safety protocols. For instance, I consistently use personal protective equipment (PPE) during activities to prevent contamination and ensure my safety. Additionally, I participate in workplace safety training and follow first aid procedures. By leading by example and encouraging my colleagues to prioritize safety and hygiene, I help maintain a safe and clean working environment.

Question 4: Can you describe your experience with training and mentoring colleagues, particularly in the context of new procedures or processes?

Answer: Certainly. I have experience in providing training to colleagues on various procedures and processes. For instance, when a new protocol or standard operating procedure (SOP) was introduced, I conducted training sessions to ensure that everyone understood the changes and knew how to implement them correctly. I believe in a hands-on approach, providing clear explanations and practical demonstrations. By offering guidance and addressing any questions, I ensure that my colleagues are well-prepared and confident in performing their tasks accurately.

Question 5: How do you approach quality management in manufacturing operations, and how do you ensure compliance during internal and external audits?

Answer: Quality management is crucial in manufacturing operations, and I approach it by following established procedures, maintaining accurate documentation, and performing regular quality checks. For instance, I complete documents online as per cGMP and GDP guidelines, and I’m meticulous in preparing protocols and executing them accurately. During audits, both internal and external, I ensure that all required documentation is readily accessible and that our processes align with regulatory standards. I participate actively in audits, addressing any findings and working collaboratively to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.


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