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Officer production at Avantor

Looking for position as Officer production at Avantor, check out all the details given the same below

Job position: Officer production, Supervision and handling of shift activity

Job location: Panoli, IND

About company:

Dare to go further in your career. Join our global team of 14,000+ associates whose passion for discovery and determination to overcome challenges relentlessly advances life-changing science.

The work we do changes people’s lives for the better. It brings new patient treatments and therapies to market, giving a cancer survivor the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle. It enables medical devices that help a little boy hear his mom’s voice for the first time. Outcomes such as these create unlimited opportunities for you to contribute your talents, learn new skills and grow your career at Avantor.

The Opportunity

Officer Production is responsible to monitor the production process system to ensure proper operation. Inspect, check and document process production activities. Perform container preparation, bulk and non-bulk filling, shipping and receiving activities and other production and facility capacities as assigned. Ensure safety, quality of workmanship, efficiency and timeliness when performing the assigned work.

What we’re looking for Officer production at Avantor 

  • Experience: Minimum 2-4 years of Production experience in Pharma
  • Education: B.Sc/M.Sc/B.Tech/BE/Diploma (Chemicals/Chemistry)

How you will thrive and create an impact for Officer production at Avantor 

  • Assists assemblers with production related questions and follows up with Project Managers as necessary to clarify any work order questions.
  • Helps keep flow of builds in and out of production room.
  • Assist in maintaining adequate staffing levels by initiating personnel movement to match work flow.
  • Ensures completed builds are promptly removed from production area and delivered to QC area.
  • Scans work orders into the WO log as orders enter, move around or leave the production room.
  • Ensures all left over materials are properly labeled with item numbers and returned to raw materials inventory.
  • Assists in the setup and adjustment of the auto-labeling machine in production.
  • Trains assemblers on how to properly adjust the auto labeler and how to change the temp strips rolls.
  • Loads the ribbon, bags and labels files onto the auto bagger.
  • Trouble-shoots auto bagger as necessary when assemblers experience technical problems.
  • Must be available to pull orders when necessary following all established procedures for order pulling, (APPLE);
  • Helps keep track of Production Work Order (Batch record) as it travels thru the production room to Quality Control and back.
  • May perform duties and responsibilities of Assembler role as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Apply now

Possible interview questions may be asked for Officer production at Avantor

1.How does the candidate ensure a smooth flow of builds in and out of the production room?

Answer: The candidate will ensure a smooth flow of builds by assisting assemblers, coordinating with Project Managers for clarification, and maintaining communication throughout the process. They will also help remove completed builds promptly from the production area and deliver them to the QC area.

2. Can you explain the candidate’s role in using the auto-labeling machine?

Answer: The candidate’s role involves setting up and adjusting the auto-labeling machine in the production area. They will also train assemblers on how to properly adjust the auto labeler and change temperature strip rolls. In addition, they will load ribbons, bags, and label files onto the auto bagger and troubleshoot any technical issues that arise during its operation.

3. How does the candidate contribute to maintaining the accuracy of materials and work orders?

Answer: The candidate ensures accuracy by scanning work orders into the WO log, labeling leftover materials with item numbers, and returning them to the raw materials inventory. They also track the movement of Production Work Orders (Batch records) from the production room to Quality Control and back, ensuring proper documentation and organization.

4. What additional responsibilities might the candidate undertake in this role?

Answer: The candidate might perform the duties and responsibilities of an Assembler role as needed. They will also be expected to undertake any other duties as assigned to support the overall production process.

5.  How does the candidate’s role contribute to maintaining order pulling procedures?

Answer: The candidate will be available to pull orders when necessary, following established procedures for order pulling known as “APPLE.” This contributes to maintaining efficient and organized order fulfillment processes.






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