Anthem Bioscience Walk In - BSc Chemistry Job Opening - Check Details

Walk in-interview for Chemical Synthesis Plant – Unit II

They are looking for candidates with 1-8 years of experience in the process of operating the peptide synthesizer and the operation of the lyophilizer and potent active pharmaceutical ingredient(HPAPI ) synthesis.

Anthem Bioscience Walk
Anthem Bioscience Walk

Eligbility Criteria: Diploma in chemical engineering/BSc Chemistry

Roles & Responsibility:

1. Handling of Peptide synthesizer

2. Operation of Lyophilizer

3. Handling various types of Isolators

4. Execution of batches as per instructions in the batch manufacturing record.

5. Carrying out various unit operations in their respective shifts as per the laid down procedures and safety practices.

6. Following cGMP and safety practices during operations.

7. Updating of batch manufacturing records, equipment log books, status boards, and other related records.

8. Reporting deviations and incidents in the unit operations as per the laid down procedures and safety practices.

9. Having control of chemical substances by proper labeling, safe handling, and safe disposal.

10. Coordination with QA and Logistics for packing and dispatch of finished goods.

11. Requesting and approval of requested raw materials from stores.

12. Handling of various safety equipment like PAPR, SCBA, and Fire Extinguishers.

Intrested candidates, send your cv to [email protected]


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