Associate scientist role at Danaher
Are you seeking an opportunity to be part of a life-changing endeavor in the Life Sciences industry? Look no further! We are excited to offer the Fast Trak Associate scientist role at Danaher  
Job role : Fast Trak Associate Scientist
Job ID : R1248303
Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Company : Danaher
Category : Science
Key Responsibilities of fast trak Associate scientist role at Danaher :
  • Basic understanding of principles and methods for downstream process development and gaining experience through structured tasks
  • Support in delivering customer process development projects and begin to implement few tasks without supervision
  • Support in delivering customer trainings
  • Assist in collecting, analyzing and evaluating customer data
  • Provide information and literature data for customer projects planning and development
  • Get acquainted with Danaher products (consumables and hardware) and applications
  • Follow and comply with local regulations and good laboratory practices

Educational Qualifications and Experience required for fast trak Associate scientist role at Danaher :

  • M.Sc/ (Biochemistry/ Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Chemical Engineering or related Life Sciences field)
  • Minimum 5 years of industrial or academic experience of handling chemicals, buffer preparations and operating equipment for upstream and/or downstream project is desirable
  • Understanding of principles and theory behind general analytical methods applicable for proteins (HPLC, electrophoresis, ELISA, assay development, etc.)
  • Focused on details with strong time management skills
  • Adept at Office 365 application (Word, Microsoft and Excel)
  • Good communicator with fluency in English
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Here are few interview questions with answers for the interview of Fast Trak Associate scientist role at Danaher :
1. Can you describe your experience in downstream process development and how you’ve gained expertise in this area?
Answer: During my Msc in chemistry , I focused on coursework and research projects related to downstream process development. I have hands-on experience in chromatography techniques, protein purification, and filtration methods. Additionally, I completed an internship where I worked on optimizing purification processes for recombinant proteins. This experience has given me a strong foundation in downstream techniques, and I’m excited to apply this knowledge in customer process development projects at Danaher.
2.How would you handle a situation where you encounter challenges during a customer process development project?
Answer: When faced with challenges during a customer project ; my first step would be to gather all relevant data and information. I would consult with my team members and supervisors to brainstorm potential solutions. If needed, I would conduct additional research and literature review to find innovative approaches. Communication with the customer would be essential to understand their requirements and concerns. Ultimately, I believe in approaching challenges with a positive attitude, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from each experience.
3.Give an example of a time when you had to provide technical training to customers or colleagues. How did you ensure effective knowledge transfer?
Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for providing training on a new chromatography system to our customers. To ensure effective knowledge transfer, I followed a structured approach. First, I prepared comprehensive training materials that covered theoretical concepts and practical hands-on exercises. During the training sessions, I encouraged active participation, asking questions and seeking feedback. Additionally, I made sure to simplify complex technical terms and concepts for better understanding. To gauge the effectiveness of the training, I conducted assessments and surveys to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement.
4.How do you stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology?
Answer: I believe in the importance of continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest advancements. To achieve this, I regularly attend scientific conferences, webinars, and workshops related to my field. I actively follow reputable scientific journals and publications to read about cutting-edge research and developments. Additionally, I am a member of professional associations that provide access to industry updates and networking opportunities. By staying engaged with the scientific community, I ensure that I am equipped with the most current knowledge and best practices in Life Sciences and Biotechnology.
5. Danaher values strong time management skills. Can you give an example of how you have effectively managed your time in a previous project or task?
Answer: In my previous academic research project, I was assigned a challenging task with a tight deadline. To manage my time effectively, I broke down the project into smaller milestones and created a detailed timeline. I prioritized critical tasks and delegated some responsibilities to team members to ensure parallel progress. By maintaining a daily planner and using time management techniques like the Pomodoro technique, I efficiently utilized my working hours. Regular progress assessments helped me stay on track, and I successfully completed the project within the given timeline.


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