Research Associate-I at IACS

Research Associate-I at IACS. Interested candidates can check the notification below.

Position: Research Associate-I

No. of Posts: 01

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
2A & 2B, Raja S.C.Mullick Road, Kolkata.

Advt No. TKP/SCS/039                                                                       Dated: 25-07-2023

Research Associate-I Position in the School of Chemical Sciences, IACS

Applications are invited for the position of Research Associate-I (Institute funded) in the
group of Prof. Tapan Kanti Paine, School of Chemical Science, Indian Association for
the Cultivation of Science. Applications with complete bio-data may be sent by email
to [email protected] by August 06, 2023.

The applications will be shortlisted based on academic credential and research experience
supported by publications in peer-reviewed journals. Shortlisted candidates will be
requested to appear for an interview on August 08, 2023. The exact time of interview will
be communicated to the shortlisted candidates only.

Essential Qualifications: The candidate should have a PhD degree in Chemistry with
research experience in synthetic bioinorganic chemistry. Knowledge in electrochemistry,
catalysis and spectroscopy is desirable. Candidates who have

submitted their PhD thesis
are also eligible to apply but their final selection and emoluments will be guided by the
rules of IACS.

Research Area: Bioinorganic chemistry and bioinspired catalysis.

Duration: One year from the date of joining as RA-I. However, an extension for another
year may be granted based on satisfactory performance.

Emoluments: As per the rules of the institute.

  • The position is purely temporary, and the candidate will not have any right to claim
    (explicit or implicit) any permanent post in the Institute.
  • No TA will be admissible for attending the interview.

For further details, candidates may contact:
Prof. Tapan Kanti Paine
School of Chemical Sciences
E-mail: [email protected]


Hey there !Here are few interview questions with answers for the interview of Research Associate-I at IACS:

1.Can you tell us about your research experience in synthetic bioinorganic chemistry and its relevance to the position of Research Associate-I at IACS?

A:Certainly! During my Ph.D., I focused on synthetic bioinorganic chemistry, exploring the design and synthesis of metal complexes with biological relevance. I have worked extensively on developing novel metal-based catalysts for bioinspired catalysis. Additionally, my research has delved into the use of electrochemical techniques and spectroscopy to characterize and understand the behavior of these complexes. This experience aligns well with the research area specified for the Research Associate-I position at IACS.

2.How do you plan to contribute to the ongoing research in the group of Prof. Tapan Kanti Paine in the field of bioinorganic chemistry and bioinspired catalysis?

A:As an aspiring Research Associate-I, I aim to bring my expertise in synthetic bioinorganic chemistry to the group. I plan to actively participate in designing and synthesizing new metal complexes with potential applications in bioinspired catalysis. Additionally, I will utilize my knowledge in electrochemistry and spectroscopy to investigate the catalytic properties of these complexes. Collaborating with other team members and sharing insights from my research background will be instrumental in contributing to the group’s research goals.

3.Could you share an example of a challenging research problem you encountered during your previous work, and how did you approach solving it?

A:During my Ph.D., I encountered a challenging synthesis of a bioinorganic complex with specific structural requirements. The reaction conditions were intricate, and obtaining the desired product was proving difficult. To tackle the problem, I revisited the literature, consulted with experienced colleagues, and conducted systematic experiments to optimize the reaction parameters. After several iterations, I successfully obtained the complex with the desired properties. This experience taught me the importance of perseverance and meticulous experimental planning in overcoming research hurdles.

4.How do you stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of bioinorganic chemistry and catalysis?

A:I am passionate about staying updated with the latest developments in my field. I regularly attend national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops related to bioinorganic chemistry and catalysis. Additionally, I subscribe to reputed scientific journals and publications in the field. Online platforms and research databases also help me access cutting-edge research articles. Engaging in scientific discussions with peers and networking with experts in the domain further enhance my knowledge and understanding of the field’s advancements.

Research Associate-I at IACS

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