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Tata Steel Chemistry/Pharma Research Executive Job

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Tata Steel hiring chemistry and Pharma candidates. Chemistry job opening 2023. Research Executive – Nutrition Science job 2023. Research Executive job opening 2023. Candidates with a master’s degree in chemistry may apply for the post of Research Associate. Check out all the details

Job Title: Research Executive – Nutrition Science

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Eligbility Criteria & Experience

  • M.Tech in Food Science and Technology with good awareness in Chemistry. or
  • M.Sc in Chemistry or M. Pharm. In formulation with relevant experience in Food products.

Experience -2 to 5 years in Product / Application Development (F&B)

Essential Attributes:

Hands on experience and ability to design and execute lab experiments / pilot scale.
Discipline of meticulous planning and documentation of all scientific work.

Desired Attributes:

  • Hands on experience in handling DSC, FT-IR, Moisture analyzer, Texture analyzer, HPLC, UV-Vis spectrophotometer etc.
  • Hands on experience spray dryer, fluidized bed dryer, coating equipment, blenders etc.
  • Flexibility to explore various new emerging areas of the food technology frontiers, food & nutraceutical ingredients and naturals/phyto extract.
  • Good understanding of the products attributes and structures.

Role and Responsibilities

Enabling Science and Technology Development:

  • Execution of lab trial batches for developing new products, application products and formulation with Nutraceutical Ingredients with existing or new technology for Food & Beverages domain.
  • Execution of lab trails batches with focusing on development of functional ingredient through technology like encapsulation, coating and other formulation platform technology.
  • Physico-chemical and functional properties evaluation for the develop products, formulation and comparison with market products/benchmark products as applicable.
  • Support in developing process for Functionally improved Ingredients
  • Supporting formulation development of Nutraceutical and phyto-extract product formulation.
  • Execute food sensorial and taste assessment by trained and untrained panels.
  • Support in implementing the concepts for identified areas will include new product, process and technology development.
  • Support quality enhancement and continuous improvement products and processes.
  • Support in executing scale up the pilot/commercial process for the new products/ application products.

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Important Interview Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. What experience do you have in product or application development in the food and beverage industry? Answer: I have 4 years of experience in product development in the food and beverage industry. During this time, I have worked on developing new products and formulations with nutraceutical ingredients, evaluating the physico-chemical and functional properties of the developed products, and executing food sensorial and taste assessments by trained and untrained panels.
  2. Can you tell us about your experience working with DSC, FT-IR, and other laboratory equipment mentioned in the job description? Answer: Yes, I have hands-on experience in handling DSC, FT-IR, moisture analyzer, texture analyzer, HPLC, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, spray dryer, fluidized bed dryer, coating equipment, and blenders. I have used these instruments for product and formulation development and have a good understanding of their operation and maintenance.
  3. What steps do you take to plan and document your scientific work? Answer: I take a disciplined approach to planning and documenting my scientific work. I start by defining the objectives and goals of the project and then create a detailed project plan that outlines the resources, timelines, and deliverables. I also maintain a detailed laboratory notebook to document all my experimental work, including procedures, results, observations, and conclusions.
  4. How do you stay updated on emerging trends and technologies in food technology and nutraceutical ingredients? Answer: I stay updated on emerging trends and technologies in food technology and nutraceutical ingredients by attending conferences, seminars, and workshops, and by reading relevant publications and journals. I also network with colleagues in the industry to share knowledge and stay updated on the latest developments.
  5. Can you describe a time when you had to troubleshoot a problem in a laboratory experiment and how you resolved it? Answer: Yes, I encountered a problem during a laboratory experiment where the instrument I was using was not providing accurate results. I consulted with my supervisor and colleagues, and we determined that the problem was with the calibration of the instrument. We recalibrated the instrument and re-ran the experiment, which provided the expected results. Through this experience, I learned the importance of regularly calibrating laboratory equipment to ensure accurate results.

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