PepsiCo R & D Job - Chemical Engineering Candidates Apply

PepsiCo R & D Job – Chemical Engineering Candidates Apply

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PepsiCo hiring Global Packaging R & D Sustainability Manager- Foods AMESA. Chemical engineering job opening 2023. Global Packaging R & D Sustainability Manager- Foods AMESA job opening 2023. Global Packaging R & D Sustainability Manager- Foods AMESA job opening 2023. Candidates with bachelor’s degree in chemistry may apply for the job opening at PepsiCo. Check out all the details

Job Title: Global Packaging R & D Sustainability Manager- Foods AMESA

Location: Gurugram, India

Eligbility Criteria: BE Eng or BSc in Chemical Engineering with Packaging Qualification a distinct advantage

Key Skill and Experience:

  • Demonstrated self-starter
  • Strong understanding of PepsiCo Packaging Sustainability goals
  • Strong understanding of Packaging Sustianbility , Global trends in the space and metrics
  • Strong Plastics and CPG packaging expertise gained in an R&D environment
  • Indepth understanding of various packaging materials , machinery , converting technologies , technical costing models , material chemistry
  • Packaging Development Process
  • Ability to develop close working relationships with key functional associates
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, influencing and persuasion skills in a multi-cultural environment
  • Proactive and innovative approach to problem solving and new design implementation.
  • Demonstrated technical, analytical and project management skills, with the ability to plan and prioritise workloads.



  • Drive technical project work and execute of the packaging sustainability projects -execute activities and report on progress eg . Removal of PET in packaging structures in AMESA markets – Accountable
  • Lead development of testing and results to enable Technical advocacy for PEP with the likes of Regulators / Industry bodies – eg . Recycling trial (Accountable)
  • Subject Matter Expert in Sustainability taskforces with OOS at the selected BU levels – Accountable
  • Track / keep updated on the local regulation / industry movement across packaging sustainability with an aim to influence / aid decision making on packaging specifications ( Accountable )
  • Operate & Enable packaging inputs into the SFTS tool to ensure accuracy – eg Footprinter tool – Key Technical point of contact for AMESA ( Accountable )
  • Operate & Enable early stage screening LCA ( Packet ) to advise Sectoral Packaging development teams Key Technical point of contact for AMESA (Accountable )
  • Techncial Engagement with external sustainability consortia in chosen AMESA markets – Accountable
  • Nurture and champion technology development relationships to unlock relevant recycling technology – eg Deinkable films & Recycling (Accountable)
  • Monitor data submission for accuracy from various BUs to PEP+ reporting through Data Accelerator ( Consultation )
  • Working with PPGA and OOS Senior Leaders to scope and define collective action with other Brand Owners in chosen markets – e.g flexible Packaging Coalition etc – to collaborate on technical unlocks/investment to circularity (Consultation)

Main purpose:

Scope :

This role has responsibility to work with various stakeholders on strategic packaging sustainability projects assigned and execute projects to deliver results as defined by the PEP + AOP / PSP plans in the markets assigned. The role will work hand in glove with Sectoral Foods Packaging Dvelopment & Global Materials teams to define and debottleneck solutions to suit the business need and ensure the Packaging Design follows our PEP + targets of RCBR by Design

The role further advances our PEP + agenda locally by identifying and testing possible longer term opportunities to enable our PEP + 2030 goals of plastic reduction per serve , GHG reduction

  • The role will be a key enabler to deliver against our PEP+ commitments of 2025 and 2030
  • This role will be responsible for leading and driving agendas across:
  • RBCR by Design materials across sector of influence
  • Technical Project work to drive AOP / other business plans related to Packaging Sustianability
  • Testing for EOl solutions for flexible packaging / other packaging materials across the sector
  • Support to New Material / New Supplier Development process to aid the RCBR goal
  • Providing Technical expertise in Sustainability taskforces with OOS across the BUs of the sector and BU Procurement teams to scout and develop probable technology partners
  • RBCR – Recylable Compostable Biodegrdable Recusable as per PEP definitions

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Possible interview questions and answers:

  1. What are your qualifications for this role?

Answer: I hold a BE Eng or BSc in Chemical Engineering with Packaging Qualification, which gives me a strong understanding of packaging sustainability and global trends in this space. I also have expertise in plastics and CPG packaging gained from working in an R&D environment.

2. Can you describe your experience with packaging development process and technical costing models?

Answer: Yes, I have an in-depth understanding of various packaging materials, machinery, converting technologies, material chemistry, and technical costing models. I have worked on packaging development from ideation to commercialization, including material selection, design, prototyping, testing, and validation.

3. How would you manage relationships with key functional associates and external sustainability consortia in chosen AMESA markets?

Answer: I would establish a regular cadence of communication to maintain strong relationships with key functional associates and external sustainability consortia. I would also ensure that there is clear alignment on project goals and priorities, and work collaboratively to drive results. Additionally, I would proactively identify opportunities to collaborate on shared objectives and build trust by delivering on commitments.

4. Can you explain your experience with driving technical project work and executing packaging sustainability projects?

Answer: Yes, I have led technical projects from ideation to commercialization, which includes defining project scope and objectives, developing project plans and timelines, identifying risks and mitigation strategies, managing project resources, and ensuring project deliverables are met. I have also executed packaging sustainability projects, such as removal of PET in packaging structures and recycling trials, and reported on progress to stakeholders.

5. How would you ensure accuracy and data submission for PEP+ reporting through Data Accelerator?

Answer: I would establish clear processes and guidelines for data submission and verification, and work closely with stakeholders to ensure that data is accurate and complete. I would also leverage technology and tools, such as Data Accelerator, to streamline data collection and reporting processes, and provide training and support to users as needed. Additionally, I would monitor data quality and proactively identify and address issues or inconsistencies.

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