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CSIR NET Physical Chemistry Notes – chemical kinetics

Chemical kinetics, also known as reaction kinetics, is the branch of physical chemistry concerned with understanding chemical reaction rates. Chemical kinetics is an important topic for the CSIR NET Chemical science exam – which explains the kinetics of chemical reactions. In physical chemistry, thermodynamics will tell us about spontaneous change, while chemical kinetics gives us insight into the actual pathways of chemical processes, which leads to the formation of stable products from reactants. So it’s necessary to know about chemical kinetics in detail.

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Before that, let’s look at the topics that you must study from chemical Kinetics – notes for which you can download below:

Important Topics to study from Chemical Kinetics

  • Empirical rate laws-Order of reaction, Molecularity of a Reaction, Zero-order reaction,
  • First-order reaction, Second-order reaction, Rate constant for nth order reaction, Half-life for nth order
  • Temperature Coefficient
  • Arrhenius Equation
  • Activation Energy
  • Reversible Reaction
  • Consecutive Reaction
  • Steady-state approximation
  • Enzyme catalysis and kinetics
  • collision and transition state theories of rate constants
  • Lindemann Unimolecular Theory

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Type of questions asked from Chemical Kinetics in CSIR NET exam

  • Both Part-B and Part-C will be having numerical questions. (for example, based on the rate of reactions or collision theory concepts derivations with formulas)

Weightage of this topic in the exam – Chemical Kinetics Topic has a high weightage in physical chemistry, about 12%.

Reference books for Chemical Kinetics – Physical chemistry

  • Chemical Kinetics” by K J Laidler.
  • Chemical Kinetics” by K L Kapoor.
  • Chemical Kinetics” by Puri Sharma pathania.
  • Chemical Kinetics” by Atkins.

FREE Download CSIR NET Physical Chemistry notes – Chemical Kinetics Notes 

CSIR NET Chemical Science Notes PDF Download For Organic Named Reaction

CSIR NET Physical Chemistry notes for CSIR NET Chemical science exam


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