IFF Chemistry Lab Analyst Vacancy 2021 - Candidates Apply Online

IFF Chemistry Lab Analyst Vacancy 2021 – Candidates Apply Online

IFF Chemistry job opening 2021. Chemistry job opening 2021. It’s an exciting time to be part of IFF’s Quality Assurance. As a Lab Analyst of IFF India, you will be responsible for the analysis of majorly raw materials and rarely finished goods in support of IFF’s Product Integrity, a typical and positive release of testing processes.

Job Title: Lab Analyst

Also responsible in creating analytical reports and update appropriate IFF systems for the release of purchased ingredients and finished products. In addition, the PIA Lab Analyst leads plans, executes moderate and complex technical work under the general supervision of the Senior Lab Analyst/Manager PIA.

The Lab Analyst will execute (Single to multi-) target analyte analysis (Trace Level Analysis), by GC-MS, GC-MSMS, LC-MSMS & GC-FID based on the standard operating procedures. The analyst will be responsible for a combination of sample preparation, data acquisition, data interpretation, and reporting in support of IFF’s manufacturing sites.
Due to technically highly complex analysis, the analyst must be able to identify false-positive results (leading to incorrect rejections, production delays) and false negatives (leading potentially to claims); all to be executed under strict deadlines. The position requires broad operational knowledge of the applied analysis techniques.
The Lab Analyst reports to the Manager PIA.

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Eligibility Criteria 

To be successful in this role you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a laboratory environment. A minimum Bachelor’s/Post Graduate degree in Analytical Chemistry or related field.

You will spend your time

Daily analysis of Product Integrity Analysis related samples within analyst’s registered qualification:

  • Sample preparation for Basic and Complex Analysis
  • Data acquisition using Basic and Advanced analytical techniques
  • Interpretation of data reporting results to request sites and updates of appropriate IFF systems
  • Perform checks, controls, and preventive/corrective instrument maintenance to assess the validity of results and equipment
  • Act as functional representative on moderate technical work or projects
  • Planning and prioritization of incoming work.
  • Complete appropriate documentation of work, including technical reports

Additional key responsibilities for assigned Sample Administrators:

Daily administrative handling of Product Integrity Analysis related sample requests and samples

  • Registration in the appropriate IFF systems
  • Sample identification, storage, and disposal
  • Communication and distribution of samples to external laboratory partners
  • Communication with stakeholders with respect to requests, samples and results

Additional key responsibilities for assigned Method Owners:

• Review and advise on less complex method development and validation plans
• Definition of maintenance plans and calibration programs for analytical equipment
• Revision of analytical SOP’s if quality managements system gives cause to this

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Job Requirements

Required Skills

• Job knowledge
• Results Orientation
• Problem Solving
• Interpersonal skills/Communication
• Team Work
• Computer skills; Excel, Word
Required Experience:

• Minimum 5 years of experience in a laboratory environment.
• Experience in the field of quantitative analysis of target analyses using chromatographic techniques

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