Career options in Chemistry


Learn more about careers in Chemistry.

A qualification in chemistry opens doors to a wide range of careers. Chemistry is involved in our everyday lives and there is a vast range of jobs and careers open to those who have studied chemistry at any level; great career opportunities exist both inside and outside the lab. Nobody knows what the jobs of the future will look like, but many of them will be created in chemistry to solve global challenges such as human health, energy and the environment.

Not all chemists wear white coats!

As well as practical knowledge of the subject, chemistry students develop many other skills  prized by employers such as problem solving, numeracy, communication, creativity and data analysis. Gaining these skills means that you can have a future in all sorts of careers from finance to public relations.

Energy and the environment:Chemistry is helping us to cope with increasing pressures on energy, food, water and other scarce natural resources and to live more sustainably.

Human health :Chemistry is helping to improve and maintain human health for all in a rapidly changing world.

Lifestyle and recreation :From skincare to sport… chemistry is all around us. Here are some of the ways that chemistry makes life more enjoyable.

Something different :Love chemistry but have no idea what to do with a chemistry qualification? Here’s a range of people who use their chemistry skills and knowledge in unexpected ways.

JOB PROFILES :Sustainability Manager ,Flavourist & Innovation Director, Experimental Chemist, Forensic Scientist ,Cancer Researcher and Science Communicator, Medicinal Chemist ,Registered Scientist ,Quality Assurance Chemist, Analytical Scientist, Freelance Science Publicist,Environmental Chemist,Analytical Scientist,Associate Researcher, Policy Researcher,Advanced Apprentice,Scientist, Engineer and Science Communicator.



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