Job Opportunity as Process Development Scientist at Pfizer in Singapore: Chemistry


Job description

* Spearhead project development and monitor progress.
* Assist the Operations Teams in the development and implementation on process modifications.
* Develop novel manufacturing processes in support of the OSP, ETP, and SR operations.
* Assist in troubleshooting production problems.
* Develop and implement of operating procedures in accordance with cGMP’s and GLP’s.
* Participate in Pfizer Global Best Practices Teams as necessary.
* Participate in Global product development teams as necessary.
* Provide direct manufacturing support as required during product start-ups and process modifications.
* Develop Process Validation Protocols.
* Ensure department’s cGMP, GLP and Safety performance.
* Identify and implement new process technologies.
* Develop laboratory programs with the Production Engineers to support process modifications to eliminate bottlenecks in the production process.
* Develop and implement novel process measurement and control technologies with the manufacturing departments.
* Identify and implement cost improvement process modifications.
* Coordinate with OSP Process Engineers to anticipate and eliminate any process chemistry related issues.
* Assist the Production Engineers in troubleshooting all manufacturing problems and upsets.
* Work with Quality Control to develop the necessary documentation in support of any production changes or abnormal process operations to assure that all

products meet all Pfizer and regulatory quality standards.

* Degree in Chemistry with advanced degree preferred.
* 3-5 years relevant experience

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