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The Reliance Group is India’s largest private sector enterprise, with businesses in the energy and materials value chain. Group’s annual revenues are in excess of US$ 73bn. The flagship company, Reliance Industries Limited, is a Fortune Global 114 company and is the largest private sector company in India. Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Reliance. Starting with textiles in the late seventies, Reliance pursued a strategy of backward vertical integration – in polyester, fibre intermediates, plastics, petrochemicals, petroleum refining and oil and gas exploration and production – to be fully integrated along the materials and energy value chain.

The Group’s activities span exploration and production of oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals (polyester, fibre intermediates, plastics and chemicals), textiles, retail, infotel and special economic zones.

Reliance enjoys global leadership in its businesses, being the largest polyester yarn and fibre producer in the world and among the top five to ten producers in the world of major petrochemical products. Major Group Companies are Reliance Industries Limited, including its subsidiaries and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited.

Short Description

  • To Develop Process related to Membrane Separation for Petroleum and petrochemical
  • To do through literature search on application of Membrane separation in Hydrocarbon Industries.
  • To develop membrane materials and design of Membrane bench scale/pilot plant

Long Description

Job Accountabilities

  • To develop membrane based separation processes for purifying hydrocarbon streams or separating new chemicals  from various streams available in Refinery
  • Conducting experimental work in bench scale units along  with lab executives and interpretation of data
  • Detailed literature search on membrane separation for hydrocarbon applications
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary technical activities within R&D and external laboratories in India and abroad.
  • Generate new ideas on advance separation applicable in petroleum refining
  • External liaisons with various vendors/ experts of advanced analytical instruments, technology licensors and third party research service providers
  • Review of existing experimental/analytical methods, development of new method and review/checking of SOPs in the advance separation and opportunity crude processing areas
  • Participate in commercial plant trials in advance separation or any other plant trials
  • Check results and make final reports in the area of advance separation
  • Ensure accurate record keeping as per SLP (standard laboratory practice) / lab accreditation requirements in the area of advance separation related Research and Development
  • Supervise experimental data maintenance and record keeping in the area of advance separation
  • Follow and enforce applicable HSE procedures/ practices in lab/pilot plant experiments and characterization  in the area of Coker Research and Development
  • Attend safety meeting in the concerned safety district.
  • Technical /scientific interactions within and outside the organization (conferences/workshops etc.)  in the area of  opportunity crude processing and advance separation Research

 Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills)

  • Experience in characterization of  membrane, fabrication of membrane is desirable
  • Knowledge of crude chemistry and also operation in pilot plants/commercial plants and should have capability of development of newer methods/processes to facilitate development of opportunity crude processing and advance separation, like adsorptive separation, membrane separation, etc
  • Experimental skills in handling analytical equipments like PED, HLPS, TBP, Autoclave,  etc
  • Experience in operation and troubleshooting of common lab scale set-ups.
  • Experience in microreactor /Pilot plants is desirable.
  • Experience of writing patents/publication/reports

Key Attributes (Experience and Qualifications)

  • Preferably  2-3 years’ experience in  micro-reactor, pilot plant operation/ commercial plant operation , Pilot plant /microreactor operations are desirable.
  • M. Tech., Ph. D in Chemical Engineering  from reputed institution.

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