Freshers Pharma Trainee Cipla

Freshers Pharma Trainee Cipla Job Opportunity – Apply Online

Job Purpose

The primary purpose of this role is to execute production operations in line with safety and GMP requirements, ensuring the achievement of manufacturing targets during your shift.

Key Accountabilities

Accountability 1: Operate equipment efficiently

  • Operate the equipment without any errors or deviations, following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), in order to meet shift targets.
  • Perform unit operations and batch manufacturing processes as per SOP and batch manufacturing record.
  • Optimize the utilization of available resources to achieve production targets.
  • Maintain equipment, facilities, and block premises as per SOP to ensure audit readiness.

Accountability 2: Optimize processes and enhance production

  • Provide suggestions for process optimization to ensure the manufacture of quality products.
  • Identify deficiencies in the area and errors in documents, rectifying them as required.
  • Propose and implement new ideas to enhance production, optimize the use of consumable goods, and maximize resource utilization.

Accountability 3: Execute and update online documentation

  • Maintain online documentation and ensure timely entries in Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR) and supporting documents to meet current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements.
  • Check documentation before submission to ensure data integrity.

Accountability 4: Deliver training and adhere to safety guidelines

  • Conduct training related to cGMP, equipment operation, safety, and housekeeping for workmen.
  • Optimize the use of resources in housekeeping.
  • Ensure good housekeeping and sanitization as per guidelines.
  • Ensure the usage and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by workmen during shifts.
  • Report any near-miss incidents to the officer in-charge promptly.

Accountability 5: Overcoming challenges

Meeting shift targets might be challenging due to the unavailability of adequate resources. However, efficient workload distribution and resource optimization can help overcome this challenge. Additionally, lapses in knowledge transfer between shifts can hinder meeting production targets, but bridging communication gaps between shifts can help overcome this challenge.

Key Interactions

Interactions 1

  • Engineering & Utility: Interaction on a daily basis for system and equipment-related queries.
  • Safety: Interaction on a weekly basis for safety rounds and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidance.
  • Formulation Technical Support: Interaction on a case basis for troubleshooting in products.
  • Formulation Tech Transfer: Interaction on a project basis for support in new products.

Interactions 2

  • Equipment Manufacturer: Interaction on a case basis for troubleshooting in machines.


Dimensions 1

  • Number of dosage forms: 2
  • Number of tech transfers supported per month: 2
  • Number of batches executed per month: 35-40
  • Achieve internal On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) rate of more than 90%
  • Meet plant utilization targets as per the plan
  • No errors in documentation (0%)
  • No reportable accidents or incidents during manufacturing
  • Achieve 0% failures or deviations target
  • 100% compliance to SOP

Dimensions 2

Key decisions in scheduling housekeeping activities and equipment selection are made in this role.

Education Qualification

B.E or Diploma in Pharmacy / Mechanical

Relevant Work Experience

0-1 experience in a manufacturing organization, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry.

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