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Senior Associate Scientist For Pharma at Syngene, Apply Online

Requisition ID 55192


  • Educational Qualification: M.Pharm, M.Sc. (With Pharma background)
  • Experience: 4-9 years
  • Technical/functional Skills: Good proficiency in MS Office tools and ability to search scientific literature online


  • Routine analysis of samples
  • Method development
  • Instrument calibrations
  • Documentation
  • Report preparation
  • Miscellaneous lab responsibilities

Key Skills: The ideal candidate should have knowledge and experience in calibration, method development, troubleshooting, and operating various instruments such as KF auto titrator, dissolution (I, II & IV), UV spectrometer, IR, HPLC, GC, Particulate matter, Particle size distribution, LC-MS, GC-MS, etc. Knowledge of various regulatory guidelines is required, along with experience in method development for injectable formulations and setting specifications for oral dosage forms.

Behavioral Skills: The successful candidate should demonstrate a strong commitment towards work, high levels of dedication, enthusiasm, motivation, and persuasive ability in a team. Good communication skills, attention to details, proactive mindset, and the ability to work in a dynamic environment are essential.

Apply Online: To apply for this position, please visit the official job posting.

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