Deputy Manager - QA and QC

Title  : Deputy Manager – QA and QC

Requisition ID : 5085

Location : Nagda, MP, IN, 456331

Business Unit / Group Function : Flavors and Fragrances

Work Arrangement : Onsite

Level of Experience : Middle management

Qualification : M.Sc with chemistry or applied science degree

Job Highlights

Below are the Job responsibilities for the said position.

  • Ensuring Odor quality of Flavor and Fragrance (F&F) chemicals having In-depth experience of Olfactory analysis of F&F products.
  • Monitoring customer’s complaints and resolving them by providing timely detailed RCA and CAPA report to the customers through Sales and Marketing
  • Providing regulatory related declarations/ solutions about F&F products to customers.
  • Accountable for quality assurance of raw material/packing material and finished products. Follow up for updating the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of raw material/finished goods. Accountable for vendor development process in the plant.
  • Check and control ‘In Process Material’ (semi-finished goods) of all the plants.
  • Coordinating with Instrument Manufacturers and service providers for quotations, servicing and indenting the needed instruments and spares.
  • Interacting with Sales, Marketing and Production functions on daily basis and
  • Responsible for providing market samples to new vendors for Business development task.
  • To ensure quality products are dispatched as per customer requirements and maintaining lab instruments for timely analysis.
  • Providing timely training all the Laboratory personnel’s on technical skillset, documentation and olfactory evaluation
  • Supporting in QMS, food safety related and Internal On-site and virtual audits.
  • Supporting Global Procurement and Logistics team for developing new supplier and conduct supplier audit as per the audit calendar.

Requirements :

  • MSc with chemistry or applied science degree with > 8 years experience
  • Knowledge of all types of analytical instruments like GC, GCMS, UV-VIS, FTIR, Karl
  • Fisher titrator, Lovibond Tinto meter, pH meter & Basic computer knowledge.
  • Knowledge of English language, Effective communication skills, Knowledge of data processing, Basic Chemistry, Knowledge of hazardous chemical handling and Safety measures, Customer focus & Teamwork.
  • Knowledge of QMS, FSMS, ERP, Auditing, Documentation and olfactory analysis.
  • Must have worked for at least 3-4 years in the field of aroma chemicals, cosmetic ingredient industry.
  • Lean six sigma certifications will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, GMP, 5S and Lean Methods



Interview Questions and Answers for Deputy Manager – QA and QC Role :

Question 1: Can you describe your experience with odor quality assessment of Flavor and Fragrance (F&F) chemicals and your expertise in olfactory analysis?

Answer: Certainly. I have extensive experience in evaluating odor quality for Flavor and Fragrance chemicals. This involves conducting in-depth olfactory analyses to assess the sensory characteristics of F&F products. Through my years of work, I’ve developed a keen understanding of how different chemical compositions contribute to the final scent profile, enabling me to ensure consistent and high-quality products.

Question 2: How do you handle customer complaints related to product quality, and what steps do you take to provide effective resolutions?

Answer: When addressing customer complaints, I believe in a comprehensive approach. I carefully analyze the root cause of the issue through detailed RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and then formulate a CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) plan. This plan is communicated to the customer through our Sales and Marketing teams, ensuring transparent communication and resolving the concern promptly.

Question 3: Can you explain your role in providing regulatory solutions for Flavor and Fragrance products to customers?

Answer: Certainly. Regulatory compliance is crucial in our industry. I am responsible for offering customers accurate and up-to-date regulatory information and declarations related to our F&F products. This includes ensuring that our products adhere to various regulatory standards and guidelines, providing customers with the necessary information to meet their regulatory requirements.

Question 4: How do you ensure the quality assurance of raw materials, packing materials, and finished products?

Answer: Ensuring quality assurance involves a meticulous approach. I oversee the quality of raw materials, packing materials, and finished products by implementing comprehensive testing procedures, including using analytical instruments like GC, GCMS, UV-VIS, and more. I also collaborate closely with the vendor development process, maintaining a robust supply chain that adheres to our quality standards.

Question 5: Could you share an experience when you coordinated with Instrument Manufacturers and service providers to ensure proper maintenance and availability of lab instruments?

Answer: Certainly. In a recent project, I worked closely with Instrument Manufacturers and service providers to ensure timely servicing and availability of lab instruments. By effectively communicating our requirements, obtaining competitive quotations, and maintaining a well-organized inventory, we ensured that our lab operations ran smoothly, and accurate analyses were consistently conducted.





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