Research Lab Chemist Job at Everest Carbon

Research Lab Chemist Job at Everest Carbon

About the job

Everest Carbon is the first venture-backed Enhanced Weathering (EW) startup operating in India. Our business is permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at scale to tackle the climate crisis.

To do that, we sell the highest-quality carbon removal credits to our North American and European corporate customers (and soon governments) to help them achieve their net-zero targets.

Our mission is to remove 1 Million tons of CO2 by 2026 and scale-up to 1 Billion tons per year by 2035.

If you are keen to build something truly meaningful and develop your professional career in a fast-paced startup environment, this is for you!

We are an interdisciplinary, young, and ambitious global team of about 15 people, with the leading Professor for our EW method on board as a scientific advisor, are generating revenues, and have delivered our first commercial-scale projects.


As a Lab Chemist in this role, you will spearhead the execution, analysis, and documentation of experiments crucial to the advancement of EW. Your responsibilities extend to collaborating closely with our Head of R&D (Chemical Engineering Ph.D., NIT Jalandhar). In this collaborative dynamic, you will leverage your expertise to

propel our cutting-edge technology to fruition. Your role is integral to the success of our innovative project.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Laboratory Analysis: Conduct various laboratory experiments and analyses related to Enhanced Rock Weathering. This includes sample preparation, testing, and documentation of results.
  • Data Management: Implement effective data management protocols to ensure accurate recording, storage, and analysis of experimental data. Proficiency in relevant software tools for data organization is essential.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with the R&D team to contribute to the development and improvement of experimental procedures. Collaborate with team members to achieve project milestones.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of laboratory equipment. Identify and address any issues promptly to minimize downtime.
  • Safety Compliance: Adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines to maintain a secure working environment. This includes proper handling and disposal of chemicals and adherence to safety regulations.


  • Educational Qualification: B.Sc/M.Sc in Chemistry or BTech in Chemical Engineering/Environmental Engineering or a related field.
  • Experience: While prior experience in a similar role is an advantage, fresh graduates with a strong academic background and a passion for experimental work will be considered.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are crucial for the interpretation of experimental data and troubleshooting.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, to convey findings and collaborate within the team.
  • Initiative: Proactive attitude with a willingness to learn and contribute to the success of the project.


This is an excellent opportunity for a recent graduate to be part of an innovative project focused on EW. Be part of a young, fast-paced startup and work with us to achieve something truly meaningful. Be ready to take responsibility and work on your own initiative – we encourage our team to constantly look for opportunities to challenge the status quo.

  • Competitive pay based on experience and expertise.
  • Stock options to give you participation in the company’s long-term success.
  • Flexible work arrangements, we are remote-first with our R&D lab in Hyderabad.
  • A supportive company culture focused on climate impact as a team.
  • Professional Development: A stellar team is made of stellar individuals, we support each other to grow as fast as possible.

Join a highly motivated and mission-driven team of unique team members with diverse backgrounds from science and tech startups to Fortune 500 corporates!

This opportunity offers you the chance to leverage your extensive R&D experience to make a substantial impact on climate change.

Join us in our mission to drive innovation in carbon removal and play a pivotal role in addressing one of the world’s most pressing challenges!

We look forward to hearing from you, Team Everest


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