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Manager, QA Design – India

Category: Quality

Position Type: Regular Full-Time

External ID: 8820

Location: Bangalore, KA, India

This position is to lead the Ayurveda category product development and execute the technical requirements for Herbalife’s regional inner and outer product lines. The position accountabilities include leading new product development and tech transfer projects in the assigned regions to meet product quality, costs, safety, and uniformity. The position reports to the R&D Regional Lead. Additionally, the individual will interact with regional cross-functional team members and provide area expertise and technical leadership on commercial scale up of inner and outer nutrition products. They will also support operational improvement, cost savings, and new ingredient qualification as needed.

Primary Function / Primary Goals / Objectives:

The primary objectives of the Manager, Design Assurance, are to assure product designs provide necessary safety, efficacy, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction while balancing the need for speed to market as well as cost-effectiveness. The candidate works with their functional group peers and managers to define Design Assurance related deliverables to ensure successful scale-up to commercial scale manufacturing. Together with R&D, Technical Centers, Quality, Regulatory, Marketing, Global Sourcing, and Contract Manufacture, the incumbent assesses critical-to-quality attributes and ensures the

manufacturability of new formulations and products. They anticipate conflicts in project attributes and operations capability and drive resolution.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Assure that the design and testing for all Herbalife products are fully compliant with applicable regulations.
  • Facilitate product technical risk management activities through product development stages.
  • Review, and prepare when appropriate, manufacturing and quality documents related to product manufacture to assure that appropriate design review criteria and nutritional requirements and guidelines are adhered to and complied with.
  • Review and approve, as needed, technical reports and documents written by R&D and Technical Centres pertaining to product quality and shelf-life.
  • Work on problems of complex scope where analysis of situation or data requires review of defined factors.
  • Monitor product, process, and package quality performance and identify quality related issues and trends.
  • Provide technical reviews and guidance on issues related to product quality and nutrient performance to R&D, Technical Centres, and QA.
  • Participate in NPI and/or Validation project teams, as required, to collaborate and provide leadership and guidance from a technical and quality standpoint.
  • Display a high level of understanding in general food nutrition and knowledge of food ingredients and nutrient function.
  • Exhibit technical competence in data analysis and product related calculations.
  • Identify/gain agreement on design criteria, negotiate compromises, balance quality with other criteria across all functional areas.
  • Display working knowledge of relationships between regulations, labeling, process, and product. Encounter differing but recurring problems and/or duties.





  • Display working knowledge of relationships between regulations, labeling, process, and product.
  • Display working knowledge of applicable product regulations and policies.
  • Knowledge of FMEA, risk assessment tools.
  • Knowledge of applicable regulatory standards and requirements for infant formula and nutritional products.
  • Knowledge of quality management systems and regulatory requirements.
  • Proficient technical writing skills; able to effectively and concisely communicate issues.
  • Ability to effectively organize and communicate technical information.
  • The incumbent must have the ability to work and interact with many cultures in many time zones, and be capable of interpreting and analyzing technical data from different regions for decision making.
  • Ability to work independently and/or function with minimal supervision.
  • Must be able to maintain a high degree of accuracy and analytical thinking.
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in the food/nutritional industry and experience in the scale-up and commercialization of product innovations.
  • Knowledge of HACCP principle.


A person with knowledge of Quality assurance in food & nutrition with 10-12 years of experience.


Dairy/Food science, B. Pharma, B.E. chemical Engineering, Master’s degree is a plus.

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