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Research Assistant in Cancer Cell Biology Recruitment at TMC, Apply Now!

Position: Research Assistant in Cancer Cell Biology – Organoid laboratory group

Appointing Organisation: Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre, Tata Medical Center, Kolkata

About Tata Medical Center and the Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre

The Tata Medical Center (TMC) is a multispecialty institution for tertiary cancer care based in New Town, Kolkata. At TMC, clinical and research activities are integrated to provide state-of-the-art care for patients with cancer. This integration is enabled by the Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre (TTCRC), the research arm of TMC. TTCRC is within a dedicated academic space and spread over 3 floors.

At TTCRC, a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, academics, and industry professionals collaborate to develop a systems medicine approach in cancer research. This approach is focused on developing innovative, indigenous, cost-effective, and equitable strategies to improve cancer diagnosis, develop treatments that match disease characteristics and are adapted to treatment response, and identify prognostic and predictive disease biomarkers.

For additional information on work at TTCRC, visit the website or check out these links: TTCRC-systems-medicine and TTCRCchildhood-ALL.

The Position

In this position, you will work as part of the SOLI3D (Solid tumour Organoid modelling Laboratory

for Investigation into Disease Biology, Drug discovery and Drug response profiling) group at TTCRC. As the name of the group suggests, the group’s research interest includes developing patient derived organoid models from different solid tumors.

Organoids are primary cell derived self-organized organ-like 3D cultures that closely recapitulate the parent organs histo-pathologically, functionally, and at the molecular level. The group intends to utilize the developed tumor organoid models for studying the disease biology, find alternative therapeutic options, and develop a platform for personalized cancer treatment based on functional screening approach. The group’s work is focused currently on two cancers – gallbladder cancer and breast cancer.

The candidate’s primary responsibility will be to continue, optimize and extend ongoing work on developing, establishing, and maintaining organoid cultures from patient tissue samples, microscopic imaging, extractions of biomolecules (DNA, RNA, Protein) and quality checks as well as other cell biology assays as needed. This will involve working closely with the hospital’s multidisciplinary clinical service, the tissue biorepository unit, and other colleagues from different groups at TTCRC. The candidate will need to plan and perform hands-on experiments, analyze and record data, participate and present data/papers in regular group meetings and journal clubs. The post holder will have a designated desk and computer.

Minimum Required Qualifications/Experience

  • MSc in any stream of Biological Sciences, including Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Pharmacology
  • Minimum 6 months of experience with mammalian cell culture techniques is mandatory
  • Familiarity with DNA, RNA, and protein extraction techniques, quality check, qRT-PCR, and Western Blot
  • Familiarity with basic research laboratory protocols, procedures, and techniques

Additional Experience (Preferable but not mandatory)

  • Experience with patient samples
  • Experience with 3D (spheroid/organoid) culture model
  • Experience in drug assay
  • Experience in high throughput confocal imaging
  • Knowledge of biobanking clinical samples

Necessary Qualities

  • Integrity, motivation, enthusiasm
  • Focus and commitment in carrying out tasks and duties
  • Flexibility of working hours as needed for research involving patient samples
  • Critical analytical and problem-solving skills, capable of independent work
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Clarity in career and professional development goals

Appointment and Reporting

Appointment to the position will initially be for 3 (three) years. The first year is probationary. Confirmation in the position and progression to years 2 and 3 is subject to satisfactory review of performance through periodic appraisals of performance. Appraisals will also determine salary increments and promotions. The consolidated monthly salary is INR 25,000 – INR 42,000 and the start pay will be based on review of qualifications and experience. The position is funded by a center grant from the Tata Consultancy Services. The successful applicant will be managed by the Lead Scientist in Cell Biology and will report to the Director.

P.S. Please note this advertisement has been reopened. If you have already applied earlier, you need not apply again.

Link to Original Notification to apply: Original Notification

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