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Freshers Job Alert UPL Research Job at UPL For Chemistry, Apply Now!

About UPL:

UPL, a leading agrochemical company, is currently hiring for the position of Research Associate – Synthesis. They are focused on optimizing costs and improving yields to support the growth of the business.

Job Id: 8089

City: 01021, Gujarat, India

Function: R and D Chemistry

Employee Type: Permanent Full Time

Seniority Level: Executive

Purpose of the Role:

To conduct research under the guidance of the group lead to optimize costs and improve yields, thereby assisting in the business growth of UPL.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To set up reactions based on discussion and planning with Team Leader to optimize the synthesis of out-of-patent agrochemical intermediates and active ingredients.
  • To carry out reactions to develop non-infringing processes and improve the cost-effectiveness of existing products by enhancing yield, modifying processes, and maintaining quality.
  • To communicate on a daily basis the progress of the project.
  • To achieve reproducibility and consistency of results and maintain daily records for the QMS system.
  • To follow safe handling practices of chemicals and reactions to maintain industrial hygiene and reduce environmental waste.
  • To tabulate experimental data for review meetings.
  • To collaborate with other divisions for work-related matters and maintain the equipment or instruments given under laboratory control.


MSc in Chemistry with 0-3 years of experience

Key Skills:

  • Setting up reactions, monitoring, and concluding based on analysis
  • Reproducibility and consistency of results
  • Good record maintenance and safe handling practices of chemicals and chemical wastes

If you are interested in this position, please apply at the following link:
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