"Unichem Laboratories Hiring Bsc Chemistry/Pharma Candidates: Executive - Procurement [Link]"

Unichem Laboratories Hiring Bsc Chemistry / Pharma Candidates

Unichem Laboratories in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is seeking candidates with a B.Sc. in Chemistry or Pharma for the position of “Executive – Procurement.” The role primarily involves managing AVD and overseeing sourcing activities within the procurement department. As an executive in this capacity, the individual will play a crucial part in ensuring the smooth acquisition of materials and services essential for the company’s operations.

Job Title: Executive – Procurement

Location: Unichem Laboratories Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Position Overview: Handling AVD and sourcing activities in the procurement department

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Qualification: B.Sc- Chemistry/ B.Pharmacy


  • Actively responsible for alternate vendor development and sourcing. (solvents, chemicals, and intermediates).
  • Identify and drive cost reduction activities of the department.
  • Support regulatory department and QA for availability of technical documentation from vendors for KSM, intermediates and raw materials.
  • Responsible for documentation for filing of USDMF and European filings.
  • Co-ordinate with and support procurement team.

Desired Skills:

  • Hands-on experience in handling the procurement department and all related functions.
  • Must have expert knowledge of documentation for US and EUROPE filings
  • Must have strong experience in SAP environment.

Advance Excel

  • Must have technical knowledge and a good understanding of chemistry.
  • Ability to pivot and try new approaches when faced with challenges.
  • Should hold high standards of business ethics
  • Proactive to customer queries,etc.
  • Must be open to try new environment.
  • Optimize to handle complexity.
  • Very Good communication skills.


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