Jubilant Chemical Engineering Jobs - Apply Online For Chemist Post

Jubilant Chemical Engineering Jobs – Apply Online For Chemist Post

Jubilant Chemical Engineering Jobs – Apply Online For Chemist Post. Jubilant Chemical Engineering Jobs – Apply Online For Chemist Post. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Job Position: Chemist- Production

Job Location: Nanjangud

Function : Manufacturing

Job Description for Chemist Production

Jubilant Pharma Limited is a global integrated pharmaceutical company offering a wide range of products and services to its customers across geographies. We organise our business into two segments, namely, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, comprising Radiopharmaceuticals (including Radio pharmacies), Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Injectable, Non-sterile & Allergy Therapy Products, and Generics & APIs, comprising Solid Dosage Formulations & Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Jubilant Generics (JGL) is a wholly – owned subsidiary of Jubilant Pharma. JGL in India has Research & Development units at Noida and Mysore. It has two manufacturing facilities one at Mysore, Karnataka and another at Roorkee, Uttarakhand, engaged in APIs and Dosage manufacturing, respectively.

The manufacturing location at Mysore is spread over 69 acres and it’s a USFDA approved site engaged in manufacturing of APIs, and caters to the sales worldwide. API portfolio focusses on Lifestyle driven Therapeutic Areas (CVS

, CNS) and targets complex and newly approved molecules. The company is the market leader in four APIs and is amongst the top three players for another three APIs in its portfolio helping it maintain a high contribution margin. The manufacturing location at Roorkee, Uttarakhand is state of the art facility and is audited and approved by USFDA, Japan PMDA, UK MHRA, TGA, WHO and Brazil ANVISA. This business focusses on B2B model for EU, Canada and emerging markets.

Both manufacturing units are backward- integrated and are supported by around 500 research and development professionals based at Noida and Mysore. R&D works on Development of new products in API, Solid Dosage Formulations of Oral Solid, Sterile Injectable, Semi-Solids Ointments, Creams and Liquids. All BA/BE studies are done In house at our 80 Bed facility which is inspected and having approvals /certifications from The Drugs Controller General (India) and has global regulatory accreditations including USFDA, EMEA, ANVISA (Brazil), INFRAMED (Portugal Authority), NPRA(Malaysia), AGES MEA (Austria) for GCP and NABL, CAP accreditations for Path lab services.

JGL’s full-fledged Regulatory Affairs & IPR professionals ensures unique portfolio of patents and product filings in regulatory and non-regulatory market. Revenue of Jubilant Pharma is constantly increasing and during the Financial Year 2018 -19 it was INR 53,240 Million as compared to INR 39,950 Million during the Financial Year 2017-18.

Key Responsibility’s Include:

Intermediate/Clean room/SRP:

  • Producing Intermediates/API/Solvent Recovery according to pre-approved instructions and to record the same in respective BPR/documents.
  • To perform the cleaning activity as per the procedure and to record the same in respective BCR/documents.
  • Maintaining the Intermediate/Pharma/SRP and equipment clean and well appropriately disinfected.
  • To ensure that the respective equipment is calibrated
  • Maintaining the respective equipment /Area in clean condition.
  • Online updating of equipment status boards w.r.t to equipment status.
  • Identifying /Labelling of accessories (e.g. Scoop /Scrapper/Hose pipe/Filter bags/ AHU filters / micron filter cartridges) and storing the same in designated place.
  • Identify the abnormalities associated risk and objectives by cross verifying the interlocks in equipment.
  • To ensure the availability of utilities and to maintain the same by requesting utility department whenever required.

Material Handling for Chemist Production :

  • Receiving the raw material from the stores and storage of raw materials in the designated place
  • Identification and storage of intermediates/ API’s in the designated place.
  • Maintaining the RM/ intermediate/ rejected material storage area clean and when appropriate disinfected.
  • To maintain the accessories per respective SOP.

Documentation for Chemist Production :

  • To indent, receive and issue therequired documents with in timeline according to pre-approved instructions.
  • To ensure that documents being recorded contemporaneously.
  • To ensure the records are updating contemporaneously and to facilitate the required documents.
  • To ensure the availability of calibration documents where ever required.
  • To ensure that those documents are completed and signed.
  • To ensure the online entries of status board, log books and daily updating documents.
  • To ensure the accessories are properly maintained/ destructed as per the respective SOP and it is properly documented.
  • To submit the completed documents with in the timeline as per respective SOP

Experience: 1 to 5 Years of relevant experience from API industry only

Education Qualification: Degree in Science / Graduate Engineers – Chemical/Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Chemistry/Chemical/PCM/Bio-Chemistry)


Possible interview questions may be asked for Chemist Production

1. Can you explain your experience in handling materials and maintaining cleanliness in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, particularly in the API industry?

Answer: Certainly. In my previous role in the API industry, I had the opportunity to work extensively in materials handling and maintaining cleanliness within a pharmaceutical manufacturing setting. Here’s a breakdown of my experience

2. Can you explain your experience in manufacturing intermediates, APIs, and solvent recovery in adherence to pre-approved instructions, as outlined in the job description?

Answer:  Certainly. In my [mention number of years] years of experience in the API industry, I have had hands-on experience in producing intermediates and APIs following meticulously pre-approved instructions. This involves a systematic approach to manufacturing, where every step is carefully documented in Batch Production Records (BPR) to ensure consistency, quality, and traceability. Additionally, I’ve been actively involved in solvent recovery, which is a crucial aspect of sustainable and efficient manufacturing. Proper solvent recovery not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also aligns with environmental regulations. My role involved recovering solvents in line with approved procedures and recording these activities in Batch Cleaning Records (BCR) for documentation and compliance purposes.

3.  Could you share your experience in maintaining cleanliness and equipment calibration in a pharmaceutical manufacturing setting, specifically the Intermediate/Pharma/SRP and related equipment?

Answer: Certainly. Maintaining cleanliness and equipment calibration are paramount in pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure product quality and compliance with regulatory standards. In my previous role, I was responsible for keeping the Intermediate/Pharma/SRP areas and equipment clean and appropriately disinfected. This included regular cleaning schedules as per established procedures, with detailed records kept in Batch Cleaning Records (BCR). I understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile and contamination-free environment, especially in the production of APIs. Furthermore, equipment calibration was a standard practice in our manufacturing process. I ensured that all equipment, whether used for production or quality control, was regularly calibrated to maintain precision and accuracy in our operations. This was essential for ensuring that the respective equipment met quality and safety standards.

 4.  How did you manage material handling and storage of raw materials, intermediates, and APIs in your previous role, as mentioned in the job description?

Answer:  Handling materials and managing their storage is a fundamental aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing. In my role, I received raw materials from the stores and ensured their proper storage in designated areas. This involved meticulous identification and labeling to maintain traceability and prevent mix-ups. Similarly, I handled intermediates and APIs with great care, ensuring that they were stored in the designated places to prevent any cross-contamination or integrity issues. Maintaining cleanliness in the raw material/intermediate/rejected material storage areas was also a part of my responsibilities to meet quality and safety standards.

 5. Can you elaborate on your experience with documentation practices, including contemporaneous record-keeping, calibration documents, and online entries, as mentioned in the job description?

Answer: Certainly. Documentation is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and I understand its importance in maintaining compliance and ensuring product quality.

In my previous role, I followed strict protocols for documenting various aspects of the manufacturing process. I emphasized contemporaneous record-keeping, which means recording activities as they happen in real-time. This practice ensures accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. I also managed calibration documents for equipment and instruments, ensuring that they were up to date and met the necessary standards. This included keeping a record of calibration schedules and outcomes.

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