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Technician Job For BSc Chemistry at IIT Madras

Job Title: Technician

Location:  Chennai

Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Minimum Qualification: BSc in Physics/Chemistry/Biotechnology/any branch of life sciences

Co-ordinator: Prof. Shantanu Pradhan, Department of Bio – Technology, IIT Madras

Duration: Initially for one year, later extendable based on the performance.

Number of Vacancies: 01

Job Description: Assisting the core facility staff in running samples and maintaining equipment like fluorescence microscope, RT-PCR, HPLC, Plate readers, Flow cytometer, LC-MS in Bio-SAIF. 50% of the time will be devoted to technical assistance and 50% will be dedicated for administrative work like slot management in the booking portal, processing payments, communicating with IC&SR for administrative work and payment follow-up

The last date for submission of online application is 19.09.2023.



General Instructions to the candidates:

1) All the positions are on a purely contract basis. 

2) The completion of the period of contract will not confer any right for further extension, regularization, permanency at the Institute. 

3) Candidates should apply online only on the website check the advertisement number Advt.160/2023 displayed and submit the application for the relevant position)

4) Separate application has to be filled for each post

5) The system will accept a single application only with the registered login ID (email) for an advertisement, hence the candidate is requested to select the multiple positions (In case, the candidate wishes to apply for more than one position) before the submission of application.

 6) The application cannot be edited, reverted once it is submitted. 

7) Candidates should not attempt to apply twice for the same post. If multiple applications are received from a candidate for the same post, the candidature will be liable to be rejected. 

8) Candidates should follow the prescribed procedure for submission of online application.

 9) Candidates are advised to fill their correct and active email addresses in the online application as all correspondence will be made by the Institute through e-mail only. 

10) The candidates applying for any post should ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions for the post. Their admission to any stage of the selection process will be purely provisional subject to confirmation that they satisfy the prescribed eligibility conditions. Mere issue of registration certificate / call letter to the candidate will not imply that the candidature has been found eligible. 

11) After successful online submission of application, a print out of the application form must be obtained and submitted when called for the test. It will be required at the time of document verification/test/interview. Hard copy of the application is NOT to be sent to the Institute.

 12) Candidates must be citizens of India. Persons who have migrated from Pakistan with the intention of permanently settling in India or subjects of Nepal are also eligible, but in their case a certificate of eligibility from the Government of India will be necessary for appointment. Such candidates should apply to the Government of India in the Ministry of Home Affairs for necessary certificates and furnish satisfactory proof of having so applied. 

13) The prescribed qualifications are minimum and unless specified, they are required for consideration for the post, even if higher qualification has been acquired and the mere fact that a candidate possesses the same will not entitle them for being called for interview. 

14) Relevant experience gained after the minimum qualifying degree will only be taken into consideration. Minimum requirements of qualifications and/or experience can be relaxed in respect of exceptionally outstanding candidates. 

15) The experience required is relaxable at the discretion of the Institute in the case of candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe, if at any stage of selection the competent authority is of the opinion that sufficient number of candidates from these communities possessing the requisite experience are not likely to be available to fill up the vacancy reserved for them. 

16) The Institute reserves the right to restrict the number of candidates for written / skill test / interview to a reasonable limit on the basis of qualifications, level and relevance of experience higher than the minimum prescribed in the advertisement and other academic achievements. The Institute also reserves the right of rejecting any or all the applications without assigning any reasons therefore.

17) Calling a candidate for a test/interview merely indicates that it is felt that the candidate with others may be suitable for the post and conveys no assurance whatsoever that they will be recommended or selected or their conditions specified in the application will be accepted. 

18) Candidates will be short-listed for Test/Interview on the basis of the information provided by them in their online applications. They must ensure that such information is true. If at any subsequent stage or at the time of Test/Interview any information given by them or any claim made by them in their online applications is found to be false, their candidature will be liable to be rejected.

 19) The Institute shall verify the antecedents or documents submitted by a candidate at any time at the time of appointment or during the tenure of the service. In case, it is detected that the documents submitted by the candidates are fake or the candidate has clandestine antecedents/background and has suppressed the said information, then their services shall be liable to be terminated. 

20) In case of any inadvertent mistake in the process of selection which may be detected at any stage even after the issue of appointment letter, the Institute reserves the right to modify/ withdraw/ cancel any communication made to the candidates. 

21) Applicants who are working in any one of the projects at IIT Madras, must apply through proper channels otherwise they will be required to produce No-Objection Certificate at the time of document verification/Test/Interview. Candidates without NOC will not be permitted to appear for Test/Interview. 

22) Candidates may send testimonials from persons intimately acquainted with their work and character. If the applicant is in employment, the candidate should submit testimonials from the most recent employer or immediate superior as a referee. 

23) The Institute has a right to decide the mode of screening and testing the applicant for short listing and selection. 

24) The Institute solely reserves the right not to fill any advertised position without assigning any reason 

25) Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. 

26) No correspondence whatsoever will be entertained from candidates regarding conduct and result of test/interview and reasons for not being called for interview. Canvassing in any form will be a disqualification. 

27) The crucial date for determining the eligibility criteria for all candidates in every respect shall be the prescribed closing date for submission of online application. 

28) The Institute strives to have a workforce which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply. 

29) Any corrigendum/clarifications on this advertisement, if necessary, shall be uploaded on the website and no separate communication will be sent for this purpose.

 30) If there is any issue to submit the application please send E-mail to : [email protected] / [email protected] Contact: 044- 2257 9796 on all working days from 9.00 AM to 05.30 PM (Monday to Friday – except National Holidays) (Please note, only technical issues will be accepted – No interim correspondence with reference to the selection process will be considered).

31) Instructions to apply online:-Eligible applicants would require to register and apply online through and submit the application. 

 Possible Interview Questions and Answers:

  1. Can you describe your experience with the equipment mentioned in the job description (fluorescence microscope, RT-PCR, HPLC, Plate readers, Flow cytometer, LC-MS)?

Answer: I have extensive experience with these instruments. I’ve worked with fluorescence microscopes and RT-PCR machines during my previous role at [Previous Institution], where I handled sample preparation, data analysis, and routine maintenance. I’m also proficient in operating HPLC, Plate readers, Flow cytometers, and LC-MS, having used them regularly to analyze various samples.

  1. How do you ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the equipment in a core facility?

Answer: To ensure equipment reliability, I follow a strict maintenance schedule. This includes routine checks, calibration, and cleaning as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. I also keep detailed records of equipment usage, maintenance, and any issues encountered. Additionally, I promptly report any technical problems to the appropriate personnel and follow up until the issue is resolved to minimize downtime.

  1. Can you explain your approach to assisting researchers with running samples?**

Answer: When assisting researchers with sample analysis, I prioritize clear communication and efficiency. I work closely with researchers to understand their specific needs, sample requirements, and experimental protocols. I ensure that the equipment is properly set up and calibrated for their experiments. Throughout the process, I provide guidance and troubleshoot any issues that may arise to ensure accurate and reliable results.

  1. How would you handle administrative tasks like slot management and payment processing for the core facility?

Answer: Administrative tasks are a crucial part of maintaining the core facility’s operations. I would diligently manage the booking portal, ensuring that slots are allocated efficiently and conflicts are resolved promptly. Regarding payment processing, I would collaborate with researchers to ensure timely and accurate invoicing. Additionally, I would maintain open communication with the IC&SR department to address any administrative issues and follow up on payments to ensure financial sustainability for the facility.

  1. Can you provide an example of a challenging situation you’ve encountered in a similar role and how you resolved it?

Answer: In my previous role, we faced a situation where the HPLC system malfunctioned during a critical experiment for a researcher. To address this, I immediately contacted the equipment service provider and initiated troubleshooting steps based on their guidance. Simultaneously, I informed the researcher about the issue and suggested alternative methods to salvage the experiment. Once the equipment was repaired, I ensured that it underwent rigorous testing to prevent any recurrence of the problem. This experience taught me the importance of swift action, clear communication, and adaptability in a core facility setting.

Latest Chemistry Job at IIT Madras


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