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Medicinal Chemist at randstad

Latest Medicinal Chemist at randstad for Chemistry Candidates Check out al the details given the same below

Job Description – Medicinal Chemist

Location – Bangalore, Karnataka

Job Summary:

The Medicinal Chemist plays a pivotal role in drug discovery by designing and synthesizing novel chemical compounds with therapeutic potential. They collaborate closely with interdisciplinary teams, including biologists, pharmacologists, and computational scientists, to develop innovative drug candidates that address unmet medical needs. The role involves a combination of scientific expertise, laboratory skills, and critical thinking to advance compounds from initial hit identification to lead optimization.


• Planning and implementation of novel approach to drug discovery and development independently or in collaboration.

• Ability to understand Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) and Structure Property Relationship (SPR) for a series of New chemical compounds.

• Ability to manage processes of maturing a target candidate from Hit finding to Lead optimization using different medicinal chemistry principles.

• Ability to extract the relevant information from peer reviewed publications, patents and presentations in areas related to drug discovery and development.

• Skills to analyse the analytical results and experimental data of the compounds.

• Route scouting for synthesis of compounds and ability to design novel compounds.

Qualification and Skills we seek in you for Medicinal Chemist at randstad…!:

• Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or a related field.

• 7-12 years of relevant experience.

• Strong understanding of medicinal chemistry principles, including SAR and structure-based drug design.

• Strong communication and presentation skills.

• Knowledge of pharmaceutical industry practices and regulations is beneficial.

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Possible interview questions may be asked for Medicinal Chemist at randstad

1: Can you describe your experience in planning and implementing novel approaches to drug discovery and development?

Answer: Certainly. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been extensively involved in planning and executing innovative strategies for drug discovery and development. This has included independently leading projects as well as collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to drive compound development from hit identification to lead optimization.

2: Could you elaborate on your expertise in Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) and Structure Property Relationship (SPR) analysis for new chemical compounds?

Answer: Absolutely. I have a strong background in analyzing SAR and SPR for new chemical compounds. I’m adept at interpreting data to identify key relationships between molecular structures and their biological or physical properties, which is crucial for guiding compound optimization.

3: How comfortable are you in managing the processes involved in maturing a target candidate from hit finding to lead optimization using medicinal chemistry principles?

Answer: I am highly experienced in managing these processes. Throughout my career, I’ve successfully guided compounds through hit-to-lead optimization, leveraging my deep understanding of medicinal chemistry principles to strategically design and modify compounds for improved efficacy and safety profiles.

4: Can you share an example of a situation where you extracted relevant information from peer-reviewed publications and patents to inform your drug discovery work?

Answer: Certainly. In a recent project, I needed to address a specific target class that hadn’t been extensively explored. I meticulously reviewed relevant publications and patents to gather insights on potential molecular scaffolds, binding interactions, and biological activities. This informed our hit identification strategy and led to the discovery of a promising lead compound.

5: How proficient are you in analyzing analytical results and experimental data of chemical compounds?

Answer: I am highly skilled in analyzing analytical results and experimental data. I am familiar with various techniques such as NMR, MS, and chromatography. This expertise enables me to interpret complex data, assess compound purity, and make informed decisions during compound optimization.


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