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Research Engineer at L&T

Looking for a position as Research Engineer at L&T check put the details given the same below.

Job role: Research Engineer

Job Location: Kancheepuram

Job description: 


  • The candidate should possess profound expertise in working with water and wastewater. Essential skills include prior experience in generating reusable water through hybrid or integrated water/wastewater solutions. Candidates with diverse experience in various forms of separations and purifications, such as biological, physico-chemical, electrochemical, thermal, renewable, and physical methods, are encouraged to apply. Additionally, a crucial aspect is the ability to extract value from waste or reject streams.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in developing prototypes that yield desired outcomes, supported by a robust theoretical framework, is a prerequisite. A comprehensive understanding of different parameters and treatment technologies related to various water types, including industrial/municipal effluents, brackish water, surface water, and seawater, is essential.
  • This interdisciplinary position welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, including materials science, biotechnology, metallurgy, chemistry, thermal engineering, and chemical engineering. Skills in piloting, process intensification, advanced analytical techniques, modeling and simulation, as well as knowledge of thermodynamics and kinetics pertaining to water and wastewater treatment, are highly valued. Furthermore, candidates with experience in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to develop models will be considered favorably. The position offers exceptional opportunities to contribute to the cutting-edge field of water and wastewater treatment while leveraging a diverse range of skills from multiple disciplines.

Responsibilities For Research Engineer at L&T

  • The engineer in this role must comprehend and execute the process from idea to prototype in the water and wastewater sector. With a strong grasp of this domain, he/she will explore innovative concepts for treatment considering various constraints like cost, footprint, chemical consumption, and power consumption. Their objective is to devise an optimal solution by conducting thorough theoretical analysis and subsequently developing a comprehensive test-plan with a corresponding test-rig.
  • The engineer will be responsible for synthesizing samples for testing, identifying critical parameters for both online and offline measurement, arranging necessary analytical support, analyzing the collected data, and scaling up the system to meet relevant criteria. The entire scope of his/her work will encompass these studies.
  • To ensure efficiency, the engineer will meticulously plan all project activities using a project charter. This includes estimating the time required for procurement, commissioning, and concept validation. Additionally, he/she will engage in contingency planning and troubleshoot ongoing studies as needed. Time management will be a crucial aspect of their role.

Qualifications we seek in you for Research Engineer at L&T ! 

  • Education: PhD in Chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, civil, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Biotechnology
  • Experience: Minimum of 3-10 years of experience in Industry
  • Posting: Water Technology Center, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  • Criterion: You are encouraged to apply if you meet at least two of the above-mentioned requirements
  • Publication: Candidate must have at least 3 publications in peer reviewed journals with high IFs. Patents as a lead or co-inventor or at least one chapter in a book as a lead or co-author will be considered as additional indicators    

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Possible interview questions may be asked for Research Engineer at L&T

1: Can you describe your experience in working with water and wastewater treatment processes?

Answer: Certainly. I have a strong background in water and wastewater treatment, with a focus on generating reusable water through hybrid or integrated solutions. My experience includes working with various separation and purification methods, such as biological, physico-chemical, electrochemical, thermal, and renewable techniques.

2: Could you provide an example of a project where you successfully developed a prototype in the water and wastewater sector?

Answer: Of course. In a recent project, I developed a prototype for treating industrial effluents using a combination of physico-chemical and biological methods. The prototype yielded the desired outcomes and was supported by a robust theoretical framework. The process involved identifying critical parameters, conducting online and offline measurements, and scaling up the system effectively.

3: How do you approach developing innovative water treatment solutions while considering constraints like cost and power consumption?

Answer: When developing innovative solutions, I conduct thorough theoretical analysis to understand the underlying principles. I then devise a comprehensive test-plan with corresponding test-rig setups. I always keep constraints like cost, footprint, chemical consumption, and power consumption in mind throughout the process. By estimating project timelines and carefully planning activities, I ensure efficient progress.

4: Can you highlight your experience in applying advanced analytical techniques and modeling in the context of water and wastewater treatment?

Answer: Certainly. I have experience in utilizing advanced analytical techniques for sample analysis and data interpretation. I’m also skilled in modeling and simulation, which helps me predict the behavior of treatment processes under different conditions. This knowledge aids in optimizing processes and making informed decisions.

5: How do you manage your time and plan project activities effectively?

Answer: Time management is a crucial aspect of my work. I meticulously plan project activities using project charters, estimating timelines for procurement, commissioning, and concept validation. I engage in contingency planning to address unforeseen challenges and ensure that project milestones are achieved on schedule.




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