HPCL Multiple Job Opening For PhD Chemistry Fresher & Experience Candidates

HPCL Multiple Job Opening HPCL invites talented & motivated candidates looking for exciting career opportunities in energy sector and willing to contribute towards India’s energy future by being part of our growth journey. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for the following vacancies ONLINE.

Job Title: Assistant Manager / Manager- Battery Research

No.of posts: 1

Salary: (70000-200000)/ (80000- 220000)

Age Limit: 36 / 39

Eligbility Criteria: PhD in Chemistry / Chemical Engineering / Material Science / Electrical Engineering or other relevant areas of Chemical Sciences

Experience: 3 / 6 years


Job Title: Assistant Manager/ Manager- Hydrogen

No.of posts: 2

Salary: (70000- 200000)/ (80000- 220000)

Age: 36/ 39

Eligbility Criteria: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering/ Solid-state Chemistry / Chemistry / Physics / Material Science or other relevant areas of Chemical Sciences

Experience: 3 / 6 years


Job Title: Assistant Manager/ Manager- Solar Energy

No.of posts: 1

Salary: (70000- 200000)/ (80000- 220000)

Age: 36/39

Eligbility Criteria: Ph.D. in Physics / Chemistry / Renewable Energy / Energy or other relevant areas of Chemical / Energy Sciences

Experience: 3 / 6 years


Job Title: Senior OfficerWater Research

No.of posts: 1

Salary: 60000- 180000

Age: 33

Eligibility Criteria: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering / Chemistry/ Environmental Engineering or other relevant areas of Chemical Sciences

Experience: Fresher


Job Title: Senior Officer/ Assistant ManagerLubes Research (Automotive Lubricants/
Industrial Lubricants/ Specialty Lubricants)

No.of posts: 3

Salary: (60000-180000)/ (70000- 200000)

Age: 33/36

Eligbility Criteria: Ph.D in Chemistry (Analytical/ Organic/ Inorganic/ Physical/ Tribochemistry) or other relevant areas of chemical sciences

Experience: NA/3


Initial posting/ assignment is at HPCL Green R & D Centre at Bengaluru. The services thereafter will be transferable as per the requirement of the Corporation at any place in the country. These positions may involve working in shift duties. Selected candidates may also be posted / assigned to any of the subsidiaries/Joint Ventures or any department of Government of India.


a. Online Application will be accepted from 0900 hrs on 18th August 2023 till 2359 hrs on 30th September 2023.

b. Candidates are requested to apply online only on www.hindustanpetroleum.com Careers → Current Openings, after reading detailed advertisement. No other mean / mode of the application shall be accepted.

c. Applications with incomplete / wrong particulars or not in the prescribed format will not be considered.

d. The email id/mobile number provided in online application should remain valid for at least one year. Candidates must use proper e-mail ids created in their names. Applications with pseudo/fake email ids will attract appropriate action under the law.

e. All the details given in the submitted online form will be treated as final and no changes will be entertained.

f. In the event of non-submission of completed application along with application fees (wherever applicable) from candidates for reasons whatsoever, his / her candidature will stand cancelled and no further communication/consideration on the same will be entertained.

g. Candidates will be required to submit documentary evidence of eligibility during the course of the shortlisting/selection process within stipulated time as advised by HPCL. Any mismatch in name, qualification, other criteria of documents from the data given in application form will lead to disqualification at any stage.

h. CBT/ Interviews for different positions may be conducted on the same day/ different venues for all the positions.

i. Any request for change of venue/ date for CBT / interviews will not be entertained.


a. Only Indian Nationals are eligible to apply.

b. All computations of age/ relevant experience requirement/ qualification shall be done with respect to the last date of receipt of online application i.e. 30th September 2023.

c. Queries must be emailed keeping the subject of the mail formatted as “Position Name – Application Number” at [email protected].

d. All the qualifications should be full time regular course/s from AICTE approved/ UGC recognized University/ Deemed University. The courses offered by Autonomous Institutions should be equivalent to the relevant courses approved/ recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU/ UGC/ AICTE)

e. Wherever CGPA/ OGPA or letter grade in a qualifying degree is awarded, equivalent percentage of marks should be indicated in the application form as per norms adopted by University/ Institute. Please also obtain a certificate to this effect from University/ Institute which shall be required at the time of interview

f. Teaching & Research experience in an academic institute will not be considered as relevant work experience.

g. The candidature of the shortlisted applicant would be provisional and subject to subsequent verification of certificate/ testimonials, medical fitness, etc.

h. Candidates have to necessarily declare (in case they are shortlisted for subsequent stages) that he/ she has been arrested, prosecuted, kept under detention or fined, convicted by the Court of Law for any offence, debarred/disqualified by any Public Service Commission from appearing in its examination. Mere shortlisting in CBT does not entail the right for Interview and Corporation reserves its right to call for suitable candidates depending upon their credentials/ declarations

Last date of online application: 30th September 2023

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Possible Interview Questions:

Can you provide a brief overview of your qualifications and relevant experience in the field of Chemistry, Material Science, or Chemical Engineering?

Answer: Certainly. I hold a PhD in Chemistry and have successfully completed three years of experience in chemical research. My expertise includes extensive work in [mention specific areas or projects you’ve worked on] which align well with the requirements of the Assistant Manager / Manager- Battery Research role.

Could you share an example of a challenging project related to battery research that you’ve been a part of? How did you contribute to its success?

Answer: One of the significant projects I worked on involved developing advanced battery materials to enhance energy storage capacity. My role included [describe your specific responsibilities and contributions]. Through rigorous experimentation and collaboration with a cross-functional team, we managed to increase the energy density of the battery by [mention specific improvements], demonstrating the feasibility of my approach.

Considering the interdisciplinary nature of these roles, how have you collaborated with professionals from different scientific backgrounds to achieve project goals?

Answer: Collaboration across disciplines has been a cornerstone of my career. In my previous role, I collaborated with engineers, material scientists, and physicists to design and optimize [mention a project or initiative]. We successfully integrated our respective expertise to create a comprehensive solution that met performance benchmarks while overcoming technical challenges.

Could you discuss your familiarity with mRNA technology and its potential applications in your area of expertise, such as battery research, hydrogen, or solar energy?

Answer: Certainly. While my primary focus has been in [mention your core area], I’ve maintained a keen interest in emerging technologies like mRNA. I understand that mRNA holds potential not only in medical applications but also in energy-related fields. For instance, in hydrogen research, mRNA could play a role in optimizing [mention a specific aspect].

How do you envision contributing to HPCL’s innovative projects, given your experience and expertise in the specified areas?

Answer: I believe my background in [mention your area of expertise] equips me to make valuable contributions to HPCL’s groundbreaking initiatives. I’ve demonstrated the ability to drive innovation by [mention specific instances, projects, or achievements], and I’m excited to leverage this experience to advance the goals of HPCL’s research in [mention relevant areas].

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