Research Scientist-Product Development role

Designation & Job : Research Scientist-Product Development

Company : Jubilant Ingrevia Limited

Location : Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Function : Research & Development

Level : L1

Business Unit : CPC

Work Location : Gajraula-Plant

Job Context :

Synthesizing Fluorinated Intermediates for Agro Active products, Semiconductors and electronics through various routes keeping in mind the patent and regulatory guidelines

Key Accountabilities :

Accountabilities Scope of work

  • Developing synthetic schemes for Halogenated Intermediates and Agro Active Chemicals by Non-infringing routes.
  • Literature Search through various search engines.
  • Chemical Synthesis of Halogenated Intermediates and Agro Active Chemicals.

Education and Experience required for the Research Scientist-Product Development role :

Education Qualification(Highest) with Target Institute(s)

  • Ph.D. or M. Sc (Organic Chemistry) with Ist Division from top five institutes in respective state.

Experience Range :

  • 4-6 Years from Pharmaceuticals, Agro Chemicals and Speciality chemicals Industries.

Skills required for the Research Scientist-Product Development role :

1. Functional Skills

  • Knowledge of Process Chemistry
  • Knowledge of developing impurities
  • Proven track record in the field with sound knowledge of Organic Chemistry.
  • Good command over recent development in the relevant field.

2. Behavioral Skills

  • Good coordination within team.
  • General Awareness:
  • Knows the fundamental or general understanding of concepts.
  • Working Knowledge: Has broad job knowledge; knows and applies the full range of concepts and practices. Has broad / working knowledge of the subject. Candidate should use these concept in day to day practices.
  • Functional Expert: Candidate is certified functional expert with strong knowledge on concepts.
  • Mastery: Candidate is subject matter expert and has command over the subject/ concepts.


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Here are some interview questions you might encounter for the Research Scientist-Product Development role at Jubilant Ingrevia Limited, along with potential answers :

1. Can you describe your experience in synthesizing Halogenated Intermediates and Agro Active Chemicals?

Answer: Certainly. In my previous roles at [Previous Companies], I’ve been extensively involved in designing and executing synthetic schemes for Halogenated Intermediates and Agro Active Chemicals. I’ve successfully developed non-infringing routes that comply with patent and regulatory guidelines, showcasing my expertise in process chemistry and ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance.

2. How do you approach literature search and stay updated with recent developments in Organic Chemistry?

Answer: Staying updated is crucial in this field. I consistently engage in comprehensive literature searches using various search engines to remain informed about the latest advancements. I subscribe to reputable scientific journals and attend conferences, allowing me to stay abreast of recent developments, trends, and innovative methodologies in Organic Chemistry.

3. Could you provide an example of a complex chemical synthesis project you’ve managed?

Answer: Certainly. In a previous role, I was tasked with synthesizing a fluorinated intermediate for an Agro Active product. The challenge was to develop a novel, non-infringing synthetic route while adhering to patent and regulatory guidelines. I conducted in-depth research, designed a feasible route, and successfully executed the synthesis, resulting in a new product that met both regulatory requirements and production feasibility.

4. How do you handle challenges in coordinating within a team during a project?

Answer: Effective communication and collaboration are key in team coordination. I ensure regular and transparent communication among team members, keeping everyone informed about project goals, progress, and challenges. By fostering a supportive and open work environment, I encourage team members to share ideas and address any hurdles collectively to achieve project milestones smoothly.

5. Can you discuss your familiarity with regulatory guidelines related to chemical synthesis in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries?

Answer: Absolutely. I’m well-versed with the regulatory landscape governing chemical synthesis in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. I’ve applied my knowledge to design synthesis routes that not only meet quality and purity standards but also adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring the safety and compliance of the final products.

6. How do you manage your time and prioritize tasks in a dynamic research and development environment?

Answer: Time management is crucial in R&D. I prioritize tasks by setting clear goals, breaking them into manageable steps, and allocating time accordingly. Regularly reviewing and adjusting my plan based on project needs ensures that I meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail.




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