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Exciting opportunities for Senior Manager in Sherwin Williams check out all the details given the same below.

Job position: Sr/Asst. Manager-Technical Services 

Job Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Provides intermediate technical direction and assistance to customers regarding the use of the product lines and facilitates account management with sales. Responsibilities may include responding to complex questions and concerns, serving as an expert in a single technology or working with multiple application technologies, and assisting customers with improving operational quality and efficiency. The Technical Service Representative II is distinguished from the Technical Service Representative III by receiving general supervision, working with less advanced or complex technologies, and applying general quality and analytical tools.


  • Responds to questions and concerns from the customer regarding product lines and general operations; operates under general supervision and involves complex situations that require basic project management to resolve situations.
  • Provides technical direction and assistance to customers on the use of product lines; serves as an expert in a single technology or applies a working knowledge of multiple technologies and may involve multiple sites.
  • Serves as an operational advisor to customers by applying general quality tools and analytical concepts to assist with improving product quality and efficiency; receives direction or guidance on complex issues.
  • Serves as a liaison with sales by interacting with line and management personnel, developing a complete understanding of needs and operations, and providing observations and leads to sales; receives direction from other personnel.
  • Performs account management activities by facilitating new or recurring orders, developing relationships with management, and resolving problems in conjunction with sales personnel.
  • May serve as a lead to lower-level technical service representatives or other staff, which includes prioritizing and assigning work and determining work direction.
    Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Five to Eight years of experience as a technical service representative.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS for Senior Manager in Sherwin Williams :

  • High school graduate or equivalent education and experience. Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Operations Management, or related field is preferred.
  • Utilizing industry and product applications concepts and procedures.
  • Understanding of advanced technical (lab, research, etc.) principles and practices.
  • Applying expert principles and practices within an area or general principles and practices in multiple service areas.
  • Providing technical guidance and advice to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Working with line and management personnel.
  • Communicating technical and operational concepts to facilitate sales.
  • Providing technical customer service.
  • Performing account management and sales activities.
  • PC skills; Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook); and other applications as required.
  • Communicating with co-workers to provide and receive direction.


  • Sherwin-Williams is the largest paints and coatings company in the world. With $18 billion in sales, more than 4,100 stores, and 140 manufacturing and distribution centers worldwide. Our 60,000 employees across the globe are diverse, innovative and passionate. With a variety of rewarding and challenging opportunities, Sherwin-Williams is a great place to launch and grow a career. Find yours and join us today.
  • At Sherwin-Williams, we’re proud of the company we keep — our family of loyal employees. To learn about our company and our culture go to
  • **Please note that Sherwin Williams is unable to respond to any enquiries, accept CVs or applications from Recruitment Agencies**

Equal Opportunity:

An equal opportunity employer, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against based on race, colour, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic or national origin, disability, age pregnancy or maternity, marital or civil partner status, or any other consideration prohibited by law.

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Possible interview may be asked for Senior Manager in Sherwin Williams

  1. Question: Can you describe your experience as a technical service representative and how it aligns with the responsibilities of a Sr/Asst. Manager-Technical Services at Sherwin-Williams?

Answer: Certainly. I have over seven years of experience as a technical service representative, assisting customers with product-related inquiries, troubleshooting complex issues, and providing technical guidance. My experience includes serving as a liaison between customers and sales teams, as well as contributing to improving product quality and efficiency. These responsibilities closely align with the role of a Sr/Asst. Manager-Technical Services at Sherwin-Williams.

  1. Question: How do you approach resolving complex situations that require basic project management to ensure customer satisfaction?

Answer: When faced with complex situations, I follow a systematic approach. First, I thoroughly understand the customer’s concern or question. Then, I gather relevant information and collaborate with cross-functional teams if needed. I prioritize tasks, create a project plan, and communicate clear timelines and expectations to the customer. Throughout the process, I ensure regular updates and maintain transparency to drive resolution and customer satisfaction.

  1. Question: In this role, you’ll be serving as an operational advisor to customers. Can you provide an example of how you’ve used analytical concepts to assist a customer in improving product quality and efficiency?

Answer: Certainly. In a previous role, a customer was facing challenges related to operational efficiency in their manufacturing process. By analyzing their process data, I identified bottlenecks and areas for optimization. I recommended implementing specific quality tools and process adjustments. Through close collaboration, we successfully improved their operational efficiency and product quality, resulting in cost savings and customer satisfaction.

  1. Question: How do you effectively collaborate with both customers and sales personnel to facilitate new or recurring orders?

Answer: Collaboration with customers and sales personnel requires effective communication and understanding. I ensure that I fully comprehend the customer’s requirements and expectations. I then work closely with the sales team to align the customer’s needs with our product offerings. Regular communication, timely updates, and addressing any concerns or inquiries ensure a seamless process for facilitating orders and building strong customer relationships.

  1. Question: Can you discuss a situation where you’ve provided technical guidance to lower-level staff or team members?

Answer: Certainly. In a previous role, I had the opportunity to lead a team of technical service representatives. I provided guidance by assigning tasks based on individual strengths, coaching them on effective customer communication, and assisting with complex technical issues. I fostered a collaborative environment where team members felt comfortable seeking guidance and learning from each other’s expertise.



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