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Chemical Engineer at Honey well

Looking for a opportunities..! for the role of Chemical Engineer at Honey well check out all the details given the same below.

Job Title: Advanced Chemical Engineer

Job location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Global Solution Specialist – Operations

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the world-class 24*7 Global Solution Control and Command Center (GSCCC) coming up at Gurgaon, India- to transform the UOP LST Connected Solutions. It is a time to put your Technical Analytical Data Science, Machine learning, and business knowledge skills to extract technical insights from Customers live operating data. The work done in assembling and developing technical insights will help define the UOP Customer Experience and be the next critical milestone for your career.

You will be an integrated network of technical professionals working together to provide outstanding technical insights. Customer Value is the GSC’s key result to ensure we generate relevant insights from the extracted data for improved outcomes.

Job Description:

  • Be agile, innovating, and customer focused.
  • Review operations with customers and assisting with defining and quantifying customer benefits
  • Monitoring different UOP technologies process and identifying areas for improvement/optimization and assets requiring enhanced focus.
  • Provide readily available technical solutions/ work to get the solution to our customers.
    Initial triage of technical issues with the escalation process to TS.
  • Proactively communicate insights from trends, establish patterns, diagnostic investigations, and solutions to prevent future issues.
  • Ensure upkeep of all solutions by troubleshooting the PM/PTA/PRA/POA/Benchmarking /Future Solutions on time to ensure high on-screen availability of the running solutions
    Expertise in doing Exploratory Data Analysis on Time series data using ProSight.
  • Hands-on skills in developing insights end-to-end, including EDA, data processing, hyper-parameter tuning, baseline modeling, and model deployment.
  • Apply data mining to handle unstructured data to derive technical insights.
  • Perform descriptive and inferential statistics to summarize datasets.
  • Prior knowledge of Time Series Forecasting in Prosight/Data Science.
  • Deep Knowledge of at least two core UOP Technologies.
  • Derive problem statement from ambiguous data, create a hypothesis, use analytics technology and tools to test hypothesis and form conclusions
  • Excellent technical expertise in all the areas of Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive
  • Analytics, including Optimization Analytics, Simulation & Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Experience in cleaning, process, manipulate, and analyze data frames data.
  • Ability to build scalable, user-centric applications -Building Models Data Science
  • Analysis of large amounts of historical data, determining suitability for modeling, data clean-up and filtering, pattern identification and variable creation, applying automated predictive analytics.
  • The focus is to support product, system, and solution through designing and developing pipelines.
  • Establishing additional work processes & documentation for the GSC.
  • Work with team to remove gaps in current solutions/tools to guide future development efforts with ProSight (UOP Internal platform) & content of solutions.
  • Work with the team to innovate – next-generation BIG DATA monitoring tools (Analytics using exception-based /Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) and build an operation dashboard for the GSC’s sustainability & efficient operation.
  • Align with the Intention of the LST Business and ensure collective commitment for the GSC’s Key results.
  • Part of 24* 7 Operation of GSCCC Digital Insight
  • Working in 24*7 Shift is an integral part of this role. Work with GSCCC Operation leader closely to make GSC as Center of Excellence

Qualifications we seek in you for Chemical Engineer at Honey well!

  • Passion for visualizing hidden relationships in technical data with ProSight
  • Must demonstrate leadership to respond to customers seeking an urgent resolution to sometimes ambiguous technical needs quickly gain the Customer’s trust and show accountability for problem resolution.
  • Excellent verbal, written, interpersonal communication & effective presentation skills
  • English language (oral and written)
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Be flexible to come in shift as a replacement in short notice
  • Exposure to techniques like forecasting, predictive methods, classification techniques, and segmentation is highly desirable.
  • Effective project management, presentation, and communication skills
  • Continuous learning and research-oriented mindset. Ability to think out of the box:
  • Ability to come up with bright ideas and always looking at the next big thing in technology.
  • Have strong analytical skills; be able to interpret data, identify trends, and make suggestions for improvements
  • Knowledge of DataScience Open Source is added plus.
  • Proficiency in computer applications with emphasis on Data Analytics & Data Science is desirable
  • Creative approach to process development and customer-centric behavior
  • Comprehensive analytical, troubleshooting & problems solving skills.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment, focusing strongly on delivering SMART data results and identifying alternative solutions when challenges arise from unstructured data.
  • Ability to define the problem with limited information
  • This role may require global customer-facing and internal/external travel, up to 10% of the time.

Basic Candidate Qualification for Chemical Engineer at Honey well :

  • BS degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Min of 8 years of experience in technical service or process operation/engineering/monitoring role within the refining and petrochemical industry.

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Possible interview question may be asked for Chemical Engineer at Honey well

1. Can you explain your experience in providing technical solutions to customers and quantifying customer benefits?

Answer: Certainly! In my previous role, I actively engaged with customers, reviewed their operations, and identified areas for improvement. By understanding their needs, I provided technical solutions that addressed specific challenges and quantified the benefits they could achieve. This approach ensured that our solutions were customer-focused and aligned with their goals.

2. How do you stay updated with the latest developments and advancements in the refining and petrochemical industry?

Answer: As a Technical Service Engineer, I understand the importance of staying informed about industry developments. I regularly attend industry conferences, workshops, and webinars to keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies. Additionally, I engage in continuous learning and research-oriented activities to stay ahead of the curve.

3. How do you handle urgent technical needs from customers, especially when the requirements are ambiguous or complex?

Answer: Handling urgent technical needs requires a proactive and solution-oriented approach. I leverage my leadership skills to quickly understand the customer’s requirements, gain their trust, and take accountability for resolving the issue. By asking the right questions and collaborating with cross-functional teams, I ensure a swift and effective resolution to ambiguous technical needs.

4. Can you provide an example of a successful project where you applied advanced analytics and machine learning techniques for process optimization?

Answer: In a recent project, we aimed to optimize a complex refining process using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. By analyzing historical data and applying predictive methods, we identified patterns and variables that significantly impacted process efficiency. The insights gained allowed us to develop an optimized model that led to substantial improvements in production and reduced operational costs.

5. How do you handle working in a 24*7 shift environment, especially when coming in as a replacement on short notice?

Answer: Working in a 24*7 shift environment requires adaptability and a customer-centric mindset. I am well-prepared to handle the demands of shift work and can quickly transition into my role as a replacement on short notice. Flexibility and effective time management are essential to ensure seamless operations and meet customer needs round the clock.


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