Asian Paints Freshers Chemistry Job - Candidates Apply Online

Asian Paints Freshers Chemistry Job – Candidates Apply Online

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Asian Paints hiring chemistry candidates. BSc Chemistry job opening 2023, MSc Chemistry executive job opening 2023, Executive post vacancy. Candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree on chemistry may apply for this job opening. Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: EXECUTIVE I – QA (10566)

Requisition ID 10566

Reporting to Manager/Executive – QA

Location: Patancheru

Eligbility Criteria: B.Sc Chemistry

Experience: NA

Desirable: M.Sc chemistry

Behavioral Competencies: 

  • Build Successful Partnership
  • Challenge Status Quo
  • Execution Excellence
  • Impactful Communication
  • Customer Centricity

Job Purpose: 

To ensure that inspection and all related activities are carried out per the defined quality system and only conforming product batches are released quickly for packing.

Key Performance Indicators

Daily Activities

a) Getting the details about status of different batches in various Pug mills, Mixers, reactors, TSDs etc from the preceding shift Officer-Level I.

b) Making a list of approved, pending batches, and obtaining any special instructions or communication

regarding batches, processes, practices etc in the previous shift.

c) Ensuring implementation of 5S activities on the shopfloor and QA


d) Ensuring the regular updation of various ledgers and log books regarding the parameters checked for batches and other tests done.

e) Undertaking calibration of various instruments like color computer etc for future usage.

f) Inspecting various finished products and intermediates as per the specifications and test methods laid out in the master files.

g) Analyzing batch cards of finished products intermediates for observed deviations in process controls availability of data for future analysis etc.

h) Coordinating with production in case of deviations w.r.t completion of batches, recording details of the same and ensuring that these do not recur in subsequent batches.

i) Ensuring periodic updation of various ledgers, files as per the laid down procedures in accordance with ISO requirements.

j) Looking after the smooth operating and maintenance of various instruments like colour computer, penetrometer, viscometer, gyroshaker etc.

k) Making daily rounds to the shopfloor and processing floor to ensure that the activities are carried down per the procedures/systems.

l) Communicating with production department regarding status of various batches, approvals, problems related to batches etc.

Weekly/Monthly/Ad hoc Activities

a) Getting the weekly/ monthly plan from the Planning department and checking for the availability of

specifications, test methods, Master samples, and Standard shade panels.

b) In case of non-availability of the above, informing Planning cell immediately and taking steps to procure the same.

c) Analysing customer complaints thoroughly as per the system guidelines and handling customer queries.

d) Ensuring that feedback for customer complaints goes within 48 hours for product complaints and within 24hrs for packing complaints.

e) Conducting of various products cum process audits, packing audits, batching audits etc.

f) Conducting Other Tests as per the required frequency.

g) Ensuring that master samples are generated before one month of the expiry period.

h) Ensuring that standard shade panels are procured from technical function one month before the expiry period.

i) For new designs, ensuring that first three batches are subjected to other tests and sending the samples to Technical Function. Communicating the results to respective persons.

j) Providing all the necessary data required for monthly report preparation.

k) Ensuring that stability and exposure studies are conducted per the guidelines and informing the technical function about the deviations.

l) Providing the necessary support for analysis of deviant batches.

m) Referring the matter to Technical function in the following cases:

i. Problems in Batches,

ii. Specifications,

iii. Test Methods

iv. New Products,

v. Master Samples,

vi. Standard Shade Panels etc

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Possible Interview Questions:

  1. Can you explain the key responsibilities and goals of the Executive I – QA position? Answer: The key responsibilities of the Executive I – QA position include ensuring the inspection and related activities are carried out according to the defined quality system, releasing only conforming product batches for packing, coordinating with production for deviations, analyzing batch cards, maintaining ledgers and log books, conducting audits, and ensuring compliance with ISO requirements.
  2. How do you ensure effective communication with the production department regarding batch status, approvals, and any problems related to batches? Answer: I would maintain regular communication with the production department through various channels such as meetings, email updates, or direct conversations. It is important to establish a collaborative relationship with the production team to exchange timely information, address any issues, and ensure smooth workflow.
  3. Can you explain your approach to conducting audits, including product audits, packing audits, and batching audits? Answer: When conducting audits, I follow a systematic approach. I review relevant documentation, check compliance with established procedures and specifications, verify the accuracy of records, and identify any deviations or non-conformities. I also ensure that corrective actions are taken promptly, communicate audit findings to the relevant stakeholders, and work towards continuous improvement.
  4. How do you handle customer complaints and queries in the context of quality assurance? Answer: When handling customer complaints, I believe in thorough analysis and prompt resolution. I would review the complaint details, investigate the root cause, and involve the necessary teams to address the issue. Timely communication with the customer is crucial, and I would ensure that feedback for product complaints is provided within 48 hours and within 24 hours for packing complaints. Customer satisfaction and resolving their concerns are always a priority.
  5. Can you describe your experience with maintaining and calibrating instruments such as color computer, penetrometer, viscometer, gyroshaker, etc.? Answer: In my previous roles, I have been responsible for the maintenance and calibration of various instruments. I ensure regular checks and calibrations are performed as per the defined schedules to maintain their accuracy and reliability. Additionally, I follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and keep detailed records of the calibration process for future reference. Regular maintenance and calibration help ensure accurate test results and reliable instrument performance.

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