R&D Chemist Recruitment @ Sherwin Williams - Apply Online

R&D Chemist Recruitment @ Sherwin Williams – Apply Online

Sherwin Williams hiring research and development chemist job opening 2023. Chemist job opening 2023. BSc Chemistry job opening 2023. Chemist job opening 2023. Candidates with bachelor’s degree in chemistry may apply for the job vacancy at Sherwin Williams

Job Title: R&D Chemist

Job Number: 230007EW

Primary Location: BANGALORE, IN_Locations

Eligbility Criteria: 

Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or equivalent education and experience. Comprehensive technical experience is required for this level without a degree

Experience: 2-5 years of industrial chemistry experience, experience within the paint and/or coatings industry is preferred.


Performs intermediate analyses, testing, and formulation of new products and requirements. Responsibilities may include assisting with selecting project materials, performing independent short-term or sub-sets of larger projects, and preparing test batches. The Chemist I is distinguished from the Chemist II by performing independent intermediate level professional development on a daily basis, generally working with a few formula types, and having less of an understanding of product lines and application methods. May supervise support level technicians on a day-to-day basis.


  • Performs analyses, tests, and development of new or updated formulas that require an intermediate understanding of chemistry, product lines, and materials; assists with determining quality standards.
  • Assists with developing and adjusting product formulas and coding, develops test batches and applies a basic understanding of application principles and practices; assists with the development and scale of production formulas.
  • Assists with analyzing, evaluating, and selecting materials for tests and production batches.
  • Serves as a team member for projects that are complex in nature and are generally sub-sets of larger objectives and provides professional support to the product development, quality control, manufacturing processes, and other operations.
  • Interprets and applies department policies and procedures and applicable laws, rules, and regulations; ensures compliance with these areas.
  • Assists with developing reports and documents detailing test, project, and overall results.
  • Responds to complex questions and concerns from plants, research technicians, quality control, customers and other internal and external parties regarding development and related programs and services.
  • Operates, cleans, and calibrates a variety of equipment that requires professional judgment and background; also utilizes technical or standard equipment during the course of projects.
  • May assist with general project development and provides input regarding budget, resources, timelines, and other project requirements.
  • May supervise or serve as a lead to lower-level technicians or support personnel performing research projects.

Skill Requirement:

  • Applying intermediate professional chemistry principles and practices.
  • Operating a variety of laboratory equipment.
  • Performing several professional formulating tasks.
  • Applying fundamental application methods and procedures.
  • Interpreting and applying department policies and procedures and applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Communicating technical information.
  • Solving problems and recommending solutions.
  • Prioritizing daily project tasks.
  • Applying a general understanding of the commercialization process.
  • PC skills; Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook); and other applicable applications.
  • Communicating with co-workers to provide and receive direction.

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