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Exciting Job Opportunity for BSc/MSc Chemistry Candidates

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Mars announces job opening for chemistry candidates. Candidates with bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry may apply for the job opening at Mars. Executive analytics jon opening 2023, chemistry executive job opening 2023, Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Executive Analytics; Mars Petcare India; Hyderabad

Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India Category R&D

Job ID: R60856

Eligbility Criteria:

Educational & Professional Qualification

➢ BSc/ MSc –Chemistry with first class (or) MSc- in any Life Sciences, with Chemistry as
one of the subjects in B Sc. with first class.

➢ Minimum 2-3 years working experience in analytical or microbiological laboratory.
Working experience with Food/ Pharma Company is preferable.

Job Responsibilities

➢ Coordinate & ensure Proximate profile is tested for RM, Intermediate and Finished products including new RM, Library samples and Complaint samples on NIR

➢ Assist to complete the Mycotoxin, etc. analysis on Chemwell-ELISA, HPLC.

➢ Test and release the PM according to defined test plan

➢ Support to develop and stabilize the analytical techniques in-house as required.

➢ Coordinate to update and

maintain the trend records on different analytical testing.

➢ Manage the consumables for analytical lab and arrange procurement.

➢ Communicate the release status of received RM, PM and Finished Products to all

➢ Maintenance of instruments and equipment’s related to analytical lab.

➢ Coordination and execution of third-party testing requirements from different internal

➢ NIR calibration and maintenance.

➢ Support the implementation of Laboratory standard requirements in day-to-day operations in lab by adopting the new procedures and using new template provided.

➢ Support Sanitation Manager via Walk through and Internal audits in the plant and in-house laboratory

➢ Quality- “Associate is responsible to ensure effective implementation of Mars QMP (Quality Management Process), Quality and Food Safety requirements including Personnel Hygiene and GMP stated by the Organization as applicable. Associate shall deliver through.
Respective Area/Process Standard Operating Procedures. Meet basic competency.
requirements mentioned in the job Role Skill Matrix to ensure Quality and Food Safety
requirements are implemented to satisfactory level.”

➢ SES-Overall responsibility to ensure the individual compliance to Mars Global/Asset
conservation standards and other relevant local SES legislation. Responsible for
implementing and maintaining all relevant SES Management systems in their respective
work area. Responsible for understanding risks and controls in their area, get appropriate.
training, report all incidents and ensure that SES objectives are captured as KRA’s in TMS

Job Purpose/Overview

  • To ensure the Dry Pet Food products leaving the factory operation conforms to the MARS
    specifications through the assurance of raw materials quality & compliance to process
    parameters by demonstrating quality inspections, process monitoring & control. The
  • R&DAssociate shall assist the Quality & Food Safety In charge in managing the R&D Laboratory
  • (Analytical) in terms of executing test plans in timely manner, follow GLP, & cost optimization.
  • Shall actively participate in design & implementation of QMP (HACCP)

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Important Interview Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. What is your experience in analytical or microbiological laboratory and how has it prepared you for this role?

Answer: I have 3 years of experience in analytical laboratory testing in the food industry, which includes testing of raw materials, intermediate, and finished products. This has given me a strong foundation in laboratory procedures and techniques, as well as experience in maintaining quality standards and meeting regulatory requirements.

  1. How do you ensure compliance with quality and food safety standards in your laboratory work?

Answer: I ensure compliance by following the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and adhering to the defined testing plan. I also maintain accurate records and documentation of laboratory procedures and test results, and actively participate in the design and implementation of Quality Management Process (QMP) and HACCP. Additionally, I have a good understanding of personnel hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.

  1. Can you describe your experience with NIR calibration and maintenance?

Answer: As part of my previous role, I was responsible for maintaining and calibrating the NIR equipment. This involved regularly testing the instrument against known standards, making adjustments as necessary, and keeping detailed records of calibration and maintenance activities. I am familiar with the procedures for verifying the accuracy of the instrument and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

  1. How do you prioritize and manage your workload to ensure timely completion of testing plans and other laboratory responsibilities?

Answer: I prioritize my workload by setting clear goals and objectives, and by ensuring that I have a good understanding of the laboratory’s testing priorities. I also maintain a detailed schedule of upcoming testing activities and deadlines, and work collaboratively with my colleagues to ensure that we are meeting our collective responsibilities. Additionally, I am comfortable adjusting my priorities and reprioritizing tasks as needed to respond to changing demands.

  1. What is your experience with managing laboratory consumables and procurement?

Answer: As part of my previous role, I was responsible for managing the inventory of laboratory consumables, including ordering supplies and tracking usage. I am familiar with procurement procedures, and have experience in negotiating with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products at a competitive price. I am also comfortable working with cross-functional teams to manage procurement activities and ensure that laboratory operations are fully supported.

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